spanda (n) |spun-dah|:

1  the creative pulse (vibration) of the universe.
2  the sacred tremor of the heart.    3  truth.

Fremantle Yoga Classes



Spanda Project


A 6-week transformational journey using the wisdom of Classical Yoga. The next journey starts July 15th and can be completed from anywhere in the world.

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200 Hr Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Course


A transformative 28-day retreat lead by our senior teacher and founder Ava Irani. Set in an exquisite Bali resort, this course is open for anyone ready for deep self-enquiry.

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Free Meditation Program


Meditation to relax, clear and touch the most profound dimension of our being: Deep Stillness.

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Spanda Yoga School, Fremantle

Centre for Consciousness

Far beyond a ‘yoga studio’,  Spanda is a community of opportunity
residing in beach-side Fremantle, Western Australia.

We emphasise the esotericism & metaphysics of alchemy, yoga, Sufism, Advaita, Tantra & Buddhism.
At the same time the school incorporates modern, functional styles of movement, meditation
& yoga, as well as traditional healing modalities with a scientific twist.

Our priority is the liberation of human consciousness from the finite, back to its infinite nature.
The outcome is joy, health and wealth.

The ripples of this incredible inquiry and community space not only heal and invigorate
it’s members, but as we transform and blossom, we influence the human collective.

All equipment is provided for our daily classes, just rock up.

I love the space that Ava and her crew have created. The depth and authenticity
blended with playfulness and lightness is rare in a studio these days.
Stuart Watkins
After years of learning yoga and meditation, it was this school that has taken my learning to whole new levels.
A welcoming place with accessible teachings that is filled with loving presence.
But to be honest, its more than that; I’ve found community and I’ve found joy in yoga practise.
I love Spanda.
Kat Stewart (30)
Our daughter suggested the free meditation at Spanda School
to help with my high blood pressure and my husbands Parkinson’s.
We attend twice a week and have both noticed our minds are  clearer and relaxed.
My husband does not shake during the meditation.
Both Ava and Michael are very friendly, caring and helpful teachers
which is comforting and encouraging for an elderly couple.
We highly recommend Spanda School.

E & A (75 & 83 yrs old)