Talk 2: Be Your Own Good Fortune

Talk 2: Be Your Own Good Fortune

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It is said that “Fortune favors the prepared.”

How prepared are you to navigate safely through life’s many illusions, especially the illusion that makes you believe that all is well in your world and you don’t need to make time for personal growth and learning?

When we are in tune with the right principles and methods for achieving our aspirations, painful effects cannot possibly accrue. If we pursue sound methods, no grief can find its way into our hearts and no painful event can shake our composure. When our actions are true to right principles, only joy can manifest from them; for to say that good causes can produce bad effects is to say that nettles can be reaped from the sowing of corn.

With over 28 years of experience in motivating people to be the best they can be, in India, Europe and Australia, Master Behram continues to make a profound difference in many people’s live. Do join us with your friends and family for an insightful and engaging talk.


Earlybird (before the 22nd September) $25
Full Price $30Bookings made through the MBO link here or please call Spanda School on 0404 606 001 🙂

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Keshmira Elavia

"I am deeply privileged to have met Master B in 2001 on his first visit to Australia, and after having
attended his talks, workshops and retreats, my life has been transformed in magical ways.
Master B’s unique ability to share his wisdom in a very simple, understandable and loving way made
me realise that there was a whole lot of potential within me, which I was not yet tapping into. By
letting go of my old conditioning which always left me dissatisfied, I have awakened to my heart's
desire to live with greater purpose and meaning in my life, and through this, I have discovered deeper
happiness and peace in my waking moments. An ordinary person like me has learnt to live an
extraordinary and enthralling life."

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