Chocolate Meeting Place

Collaborative Workspace

All our magical, entrepreneurial and creative friends out there…we have exciting news!

From February 6 Spanda will have a weekly (Tuesday) Chocolate Meeting Place. We’ll be keeping our doors open in between classes (11am – 6pm) so you can come along to hang out with us, to use the wifi to get your creative works done and to meet with other magical friends to get the creative juices flowing.

What makes this that little bit more special is that Lani will be making creative doses of cacao and raw cacao treats to help open the heart and keep the creative juices flowing. Did you know that ceremonial cacao is a beautiful tool to connect in with your own creativity but also for team building and bonding.

Think of it like a co-working space but with a twist. And by donation!

Complete the work you love and choose to do, but enjoy the company of other magical creatives pouring their hearts into beautiful projects.

Contact us at for queries.