3 Great Reasons to Meditate

Which benefit of meditation is most attractive to you?

Did you know that meditation gives over 100 benefits to health and longevity? This article should make it pretty clear why. We’ve grouped the benefits into 3 main results, which one is most appealing to you?

Health, wellness, more energy, better sleep etc.

Meditation calms the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for the regulation of every other system. This means that relaxing, repairing and rejuvenating the nervous system is like addressing the root of all other issues!

Unfortunately, our nervous system is under assault from the moment our alarm goes off in the morning. Everything is an alarm! We negotiate an barrage of emotions, decisions, cars and relationships before we even get to work. Even when we sleep our nervous system isn’t in a state of rest and repair. BUT, whenever we meditate, where ever we are, we start to soften and become present, switching on the parasympathetic nervous system. The PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) is one of two functions our system has. We can either be operating in fight/flight or rest/repair.

The body is a highly intelligent healing organism. Have you ever noticed that we don’t need to acquire health? We only need to remove the obstacles to health, or, remove disease. Because meditation activates the rest, digest and heal function of the body, we can remove dis-ease quicker, healing everything in turn.

A better lifestyle & better relationships…

Most people think meditation is hard. They struggle either to find time or to do the practice itself. This is a confusion between concentration and meditation. Meditation is about softening any tensions in the body and mind around what is. In meditation we allow everything to be as it is. This is a subtle art form that most often needs to be carefully explained and initiated by a teacher. Unfortunately, for true meditation, you tube won’t cut it this time. Not to start anyway. Online guidance and books can be a great help once we get the foundations right. Otherwise we’re bound to struggle. The art of ‘allowing everything to be as it is’ is a subtle shift in how we react to our minds and the moment. It teaches us to allow the flow of life and to enjoy being less reactive. Because of this we become better at responding to life: we are more stable, more open, more intuitive and creative. Can you guess what the benefit of this is? Sounds too good to be true, but meditation can give us a much better lifestyle as we flow towards greater opportunities to manifest our dreams. It also supports really magical relationships with strangers and loved ones because of our capacity to see what is really in front of us, rather than a projection from our programming.

Mystical states…

The previous benefits are incredible; perfect health and a joyful life. However, for most meditators, yogis, Tibetan monks and ancient gurus, this picture is incomplete. For some, life is felt to be incomplete without the famous ‘mystical states’ or Self-revelation. What we’ve found is that meditation is also highly conducive towards states of awakening to the truth of what we are. What is the consciousness that experiences the body, witnesses our life, enjoys or dislikes the mind; who am I? This is the ancient and spiritual question that meditation has assisted to answer. The human being is a universe of wisdom and just like we wake up from a dream in the morning, meditation prepares us for a great awakening from this dream of ‘life’. Meditation taken further, is a connection with the present moment beyond the mind, a whole new world opens up!

Awakenings occur on their own accord, yet meditation, stillness, quietness and a tender appreciation of the moment provides the conditions for a spiritual awakening to happen.

In this day and age, such awakenings are highly documented and explained and the silent retreats at Spanda are one of the best places to start.

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