Break up now

Since the beginning of this year, I have been engaged in a ‘conscious separation’ from my partner of 3 years. Almost without any personal effort, grace has guided us along a wave of self-discovery and healing together. I’ve never felt so connected to him, or myself. For the first time, I am in a healthy, happy and loving relationship with a

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The Most Powerful Day for the Planet- NYE

Highlights of New Years Eve Article An informative, important guide to be read BEFORE New Years Eve Preparation requires meditation, rest, retreat, silence and a serene environment. The Most Powerful Day for the Planet Consider this: within a very short period of time, ~20 minutes, millions, if not billions, of human beings concentrate their mental-emotional energy on one thing. In

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Ava introduces Hridaya to Singapore!

Meditators around the globe are loving the powerful practices of Hridaya meditation. This 1 day silent retreat is the perfect opportunity for beginners to taste meditation, solitude, depth and learn about the authentic tradition of meditation and where it can take us and how it can transform your life. For advanced practitioners, this one day is the best way to

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