3 Great Reasons to Meditate

Which benefit of meditation is most attractive to you? Did you know that meditation gives over 100 benefits to health and longevity? This article should make it pretty clear why. We’ve grouped the benefits into 3 main results, which one is most appealing to you? Health, wellness, more energy, better sleep etc. Meditation calms the nervous system. The nervous system

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What is Jnana Yoga?

You may have heard that there are four main branches of Yoga: Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Jnana.  All asana forms of yoga (postures, breath and most meditations) fall under Raja yoga. The other words may be familiar, Bhakti and Karma, but what is Jnana Yoga? Most teachers refer to Jnana as knowledge, the dry yoga, and sometimes as a path of studying

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Meditation and Enlightenment

Whats the one thing I am seeking in my life, more than anything else? We may all use different words, but in the end all human beings have this insatiable yearning at the core of their beings, behind all of the individual desires. There is a longing, we each have different words for what the longing is ‘for’ but the universal experience

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Yoga and Meditation for the Subconscious Mind

We can use the Yin principle in a yoga and meditation retreat to tap into the subconscious mind. What is the Yin Principle?  The Yin principle comes from the ‘yin/yang’ theory of Taoism (dow-ism) which is an understanding of the reality itself. Because everything in the universe is energy, everything exists in polarity. Yin and Yang, plus and minus, give

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What is Beginners Yoga?

Yoga is a way of increasing the vital energy in the body, and to invite healing and harmony into the many levels of our being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental. This requires a certain range of movement for the body, but more importantly a stillness and strength in the mind to be able to direct the energies in special ways.

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Meditation Tip: Stilling the Mind

Stillness Hack Sometimes, the mind isn’t our amazing tool. Instead it has a ‘mind of its own’. Why is this so? The mind pushes us around when it has ‘something to do’. The mind only has ‘something to do’, if on some level it believes it has something to do. On an absolute level, everything is flowing somehow effortlessly. The very

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What are you guys doing?

With our space set to open in less than a week, we can start answering all the common questions that are coming through! Where are you guys: Haven’t you heard?! We’ve scored an awesome space in the Fibonacci Centre Fremantle. Thanks to New Earth Living and the Kommunity Brew boys, it is going to look STUNNING, just come see for yourself!

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The Most Powerful Day for the Planet- NYE

Highlights of New Years Eve Article An informative, important guide to be read BEFORE New Years Eve Preparation requires meditation, rest, retreat, silence and a serene environment. The Most Powerful Day for the Planet Consider this: within a very short period of time, ~20 minutes, millions, if not billions, of human beings concentrate their mental-emotional energy on one thing. In

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Ava introduces Hridaya to Singapore!

Meditators around the globe are loving the powerful practices of Hridaya meditation. This 1 day silent retreat is the perfect opportunity for beginners to taste meditation, solitude, depth and learn about the authentic tradition of meditation and where it can take us and how it can transform your life. For advanced practitioners, this one day is the best way to

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