The Wisdom of Yoga

The wisdom of yoga is a book by Stephen Cope that links the ancient text of the Yoga Sutra to everyday modern life. Its weird but perhaps not surprising that the restlessness, busyness and stress that we often feel today, was felt a few thousand years ago. Like us, it seems people of those times set about working why and

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Depression & Devotion

Depression & Devotion. Over the past week, I’ve been in a growing mood of devotion: the heart roaring like a fire fuelled by on-going glimpses of the Infinite. Looking back now, something is different, usually I experience devotion as a ‘peak’ of experience, like I’ve finally seen the beauty of this mysterious existence once again. This time, though, the fire is

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Meditation @ Spanda School

Meditation At Spanda School, meditation is our favourite thing! With some grace and wisdom we have learnt that meditation is not another combat field. Instead, we take a few key attitudes into meditation that allow us to finally let go, be still and relax into love, as a natural unfolding rather than a dualistic battle. For us, meditation must incorporate

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Yoga @ Spanda School

The programs at Spanda School bring clarity, light and love. Simple, really. You might find yourself undergoing a transformation towards a joyful, contented and interesting life. The main elements we focus on are: ▽ Yoga Meditation The Infinite Life ▽ How does it work? Yoga is ancient art form of breath, mind and body. It was originally designed to bring higher states of

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What is Beginners Yoga?

Yoga is a way of increasing the vital energy in the body, and to invite healing and harmony into the many levels of our being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental. This requires a certain range of movement for the body, but more importantly a stillness and strength in the mind to be able to direct the energies in special ways.

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The Most Powerful Day for the Planet- NYE

Highlights of New Years Eve Article An informative, important guide to be read BEFORE New Years Eve Preparation requires meditation, rest, retreat, silence and a serene environment. The Most Powerful Day for the Planet Consider this: within a very short period of time, ~20 minutes, millions, if not billions, of human beings concentrate their mental-emotional energy on one thing. In

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Perth welcomes Spanda into its heart with a giant statue!

Most people of Perth are aware of the $440 million dollar foreshore upgrade on the river: the new Elizabeth Quay. But did you know they have commissioned a $1.3 million dollar statue called SPANDA, described as “the divine vibration of consciousness”? It is 8 stories high! The amazing Christian De Vietri, a Kashmiri Shiavist scholar has designed this beautiful and

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