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Sangha Yoga Festival

☆ Yoga ☆ Meditation ☆ Sound ☆ Movement ☆ Dance ☆ Food ☆ Drink ☆ Market Stalls ☆ Picnic Grass ☆ Bathers Beach ☆ Dj’s ☆ Inspiration & Health ☆ Sangha Yoga Festival Join us from 8 – 6pm on Sunday February 18th for a day of melting into grass, sunshine and  awesome vibes. The festival will host a selection of sounds, food, ALL the friends and your choice of the best yoga classes

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course

4 week course at Spanda School $120 Trauma is not at surface level, it is deeply rooted. This is why repetition is so integral to the healing process. In this four week course, we will come back to the tools and techniques that work best for us, repeating the practice of letting go. In this way our trauma becomes a pathway for

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The Little School of Yoga: Introductory Talk

The Little Yoga School presents an introduction to: HEART-CENTRED AND CONSCIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAMS There is an old paradigm operating within our school system. And this means that there is an opening, a calling for a new way, to bring in Conscious and Heart Centered Education practices, to integrate and honour awareness and intuition in both our teaching and learning. What

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Chocolate Yoga & Meditation

Join us for this special heart gathering of Cacao Yoga & Meditation Sunday the 28th of January 10am-12pm As we slow down and bring the focus to our own Hearts this will be a very sweet opportunity to give thanks to all that you have been blessed with this year. Can you take the beauty from all the lessons life has

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Spanda Yoga Course

In 2018 we will offer again this incredible teaching about what yoga and meditation really are, without censoring any of the gold of its origins. ✓ 6 Week Yoga & Meditation Course ✓ Esoteric traditional philosophies ✓ Alchemical techniques and understandings to transform your life This once a week course, explores how yoga works, which type of yoga to choose

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Art of Dying

“Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.” ~ Socrates ☯ Learn Fully how to live, through Contemplation of Death ☯ Support your loved One’s at the time of Death ☯ Experience Self-Realization at the Moment of Death Imagine living each moment to the fullest.  Imagine waking each day with a renewed sense of purpose.  Touching the heart of compassion within,

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Yoga for Trauma

Your body has things to say. This is a personal invitation for you to listen. Learning to accept what has happened in a gentle and responsible way. This process cannot and should not be rushed; however we can learn how to safely navigate our way through day to day life. Trauma is so wide spread and has many different levels. This session is open

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South Beach Yoga

What is it? Beautiful, simple and restorative morning classes run by Ava on the grassy part of South Beach Freo (100m north of the South Beach Cafe). Soak in the sunshine, the fresh air and the energy of Fremantle at its best. When? Starting the first Monday of November (Nov 6th). 7-8am Classes are run by donation ($10- $20 recommended)

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4 Day Silent Retreat

Stillness A profound, beyond-mind understanding of Stillness is our birthright. Meditation has been misdirected by millions of seekers as a form of struggle, effort and contraction. In this retreat we recognise Stillness as a platform for resting, awareness, pure being, life, love and freedom. We leave behind the programming and the mundane, and embrace the beauty of our experience, settling into simplicity.

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