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4 Day Silent Retreat Copy

New Years Retreat What to expect New Year’s Eve is an incredibly crucial time to do spiritual practice.  Because of the immense energy that accumulates and releases in the minutes around midnight, there is a surge of potential energy that can be utilised for intention setting, meditation, healing and other efforts. (You can read more about the phenomenon of New

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Mindfulness, Mischief & Music

Two Saturday nights in November at Spanda Join Michael Hara and musician friends  The nights will provide a fun way to experience mindfulness and all its benefits for everyday living. It will include meditation, music, art, sound and fun stuff. Light snacks and tea provided.  Who Michael Hara has a masters in counselling and is an experienced meditation teacher. He

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1 Day Silent Retreat

Supporting Your Spiritual Transformation The silent retreat is a complete system that leaves one at peace, openhearted, and spiritually refreshed. It is designed for beginners and advanced meditators alike, as the truth of these ancient teachings brings a deep sense of connection, healing and harmony. Each retreat is a one day immersion into the ineffable question of life: Who Am I? With

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Anusara Yoga

Anusara is a fun yet challenging flow style of yoga practice. It incorporates breathe and movement in a beautiful way, emphasising a heart connection. It is based in Tantric Philosophy, and weaves through spiritual wisdom through creative sequences. It is designed to embody the qualities of spirituality using muscular strength, breathe and alignment. ॐ ☾ ʊ ۞ ϟ What to

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Tantra Workshop

What is Tantra Tantra is a spiritual technology and philosophy that blossomed in India and as well as Tibet in the early 6th Century. Through different scriptures and esoteric yoga practices, this system pioneered an incredible new way of connecting the human being to the universe. Included in this system were also tools for moving energy between man & woman. In

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Meditation Retreat

Half day meditation retreat The retreat will serve to provide a peaceful, insightful and refreshing experience. It will include meditation, mindfulness, sound bath and discussion of elements of the yoga sutra. Light snacks and tea will be provided. What to expect A space for relaxation, concentration and meditation with the associated well-being process. Participants will be able to relax and have

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Spring Breathworks

 ☼ Senaja is back for a Spring Breathwork Series ☼ What is Breathwork? Different from the yogic pranayama practice, Conscious Breathwork is a modern, transformational tool that allows practitioners to tap in much more easily to the energetic, emotional, astral and mental aspects of the being. Our breathing is a unique system in our body: it is both a subconscious and conscious activity, and an

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Fermented 4-Course Dinner

Delicious food, conscious company & collaborations set the tone for Spanda’s opening dinner evening. What to expect A 4-course degustation menu to celebrate the opening of Spanda! Fine-dining food conciously prepared, the menu will be vegetarian, healthy and gut activating from our friends at Vaha Urban Farm, Tim & Meagan Kershaw. They grow their own produce here in Hilton, and

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Art & Sound Expression Project

An evening of music with love ! The evening will bring people together to enjoy local musicians, songwriting, meditation, mindfulness and discussion. It will be the first of a series of arts and music creative expression events. What to expect A forum for expression and the associated well-being process of allowing a safe space to collaborate and produce musical expression.

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