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Mahashivaratri literally means “the great night of Shiva” and is the most auspicious day in the Indian calendar.

It is even more dear to the yogis as it was Shiva who propounded the great wisdom of yoga.

It is always a new moon as these are typically shivaratris or nights of Shiva.

In 2018, Mahashivaratri falls on Tuesday the 13th of February.



On this evening, the Tuesday 6-715pm Yin Yoga & Meditation class will run as normal.

After this, the celebrations for MahaShivaratri will commence, which are free.

Starting from 730pm: Arrive at Spanda rested, fed and prepared!

♡ Opening meditations
♡ Openings songs
♡ Bhairava Stava
♡ Prasad & blessings
♡ Bhajans
♡ 21 min Meditation

♡ ♡ ♡ If you would like to bring anything devotional to the evening please let us know! (poem, sharing, dance, offering etc)

♡ To reserve a spot in this celebration please sign in here.


Because the date is called “the NIGHT of Shiva” the energy of shiva & of the void will build as we move later into the evening.

♡ Anyone can join in, you do not need any previous experience just come along for the ride.

This is the most supported night in the whole calendar for meditating with Shiva.

♡ Women may way red as a symbol of their marriage to Shiva, Men are invited to wear white as a symbol of their identification to Shiva.

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 232 South Terrace, South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia

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