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The Spanda Project

A 6 week community program using the wisdom of Classical Yoga.

Imagine 6 weeks of practice being surrounded by like-minded community, a powerful sacred space and strong teachers.

Imagine having a stable practice of yoga and meditation everyday, in the specific way that your body needs.

Imagine moving through a powerful shift of consciousness using the wisdom of the 10 guidelines* of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

*The 10 Yamas and Niyamas are the lifestyle philosophy coming from the classical yoga period of 200BCE. These 10 guidelines help to clarify the unconscious patterns of daily life, and show us the secret yoga perspectives in every area of our life.


How will this work?

  • All members of the project must complete 5 yoga practices per week and log them.
    They can be in studio or outside of the studio.
  • All members of the project must complete a daily meditation of minimum 10 minutes (with or without the guided recordings that are available).
  • 2 videos each week will be shared explaining the yamas and niyamas and how to clarify the meditation practice
  • Every Sunday evening the group will meet in circle to process and reflect on the week.
  • Weekly journalling prompts
  • Questions and other reflections can be shared daily in the Facebook group, and we encourage using the space for interactions.

Yoga and its study are a life-long practice – where every step forward deepens every step behind it.

This journey deepens the 3 elements of the Spanda School teaching

  1. Purification– De-conditioning the mind & physical body using hatha yoga, psychology, diet, lifestyle, naturopathy and meditation.
  2. Wisdom– Learn all 10 of the Yamas & Niyamas of Patanjalis classical yoga, helping you to integrate this wisdom into your life.
  3. Self-Realization– The revelation of our true nature according to meditative lineages of Buddhism, Tantra, Christianity, Taoism and Sufism will be described and transmitted.

What you will receive

This program will create a clarity for our lives, as well as harmonious new connections in your relationships, lifestyle and worldly pursuits.

The course grants lifetime access to the online group forum where the theory will unravel week by week.
This will also be the forum through which the projects are repeated – for you to attend for free.


This project will be facilitated by Michael.


EARLY BIRD (ends June 25th)

$ 240
Spanda Project: 6 week program

*Inquire about discounted 6 week unlimited class pass


Bookings can be made through the MindBody link here.

To pay over phone contact info@spandaschool.com or call 0404 606 001


*There will be an option to partake in the catered food by Arooza for 6 Sundays for $108

Casual meals needs to be ordered in advance at $20 per buffet meal.
(Contact Arooza at arooza3112@gmail.com)

If you’d prefer to bring your own meal for the Sunday evening, that works too.

200-hour Teacher Training

This course contributes to the 12 month long, 200hr yoga alliance certification through Spanda School.
Get in touch if this is a track you are interested in.


  • I can’t get to the studio – can I still participate?

The only Fremantle-studio requirement is the Sunday 530pm hour meeting each week. All the yoga practices can be preformed at home or at other studios.

  • What if I don’t live in W.A.?

This course is absolutely available and suitable for those who are not with us at the school at the moment. The majority of the content is through the online discourse, and through the personal accountability of 5 yoga practices and 7 meditations per week. Please get in touch if you’d like to join, from wherever you are!

  • How can I repeat the course?

Each time the course runs, it will be facilitated and shared through the Facebook group you will be a part of. This community will grow, and provide the support for you to participate in the 6 week journey to deepen your transformation when you are ready.

“Only the people who have gone beyond the world, can change the world”
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj
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 232 South Terrace, South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia
 Spanda Yoga School

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