Meditation and Enlightenment

Whats the one thing I am seeking in my life, more than anything else?

We may all use different words, but in the end all human beings have this insatiable yearning at the core of their beings, behind all of the individual desires. There is a longing, we each have different words for what the longing is ‘for’ but the universal experience is a longing. Is this hunger important?

There are 3 separate practices that are commonly referred to as ‘meditation’.

The first two are concentration and meditation. The third is the fulfilment that we’re all desperately seeking – call it love, safety, freedom, peace, happiness.  

This deepest hunger is for and can only be answered by – the Truth of our being.

The Truth of our being is a ‘beyond-thought’ realization of what we really are. The Truth is a new experience, outside the mind constructed reality that is currently all we see. The mind constructed reality is only ever partial, individual and does not answer to the wholeness of existence. Yet, even as experiencers of a mind-only reality, we are connected to the wholeness of existence (by the very nature of being a ‘part’ of it). And this connection is through our ‘Self’ (a yogic or vedantic term referring to our Truth as a constant field of awareness).

Our ‘Self’ is actually formless, our Self cannot be seen, we can only be – pure awareness, to know what pure awareness is.

Pure awareness is a momentary or an abiding recognition of ourselves as pure existence and nothing else. Not our lives, not our ideas, not our joys and preferences and ambitions or goals. All of these are a movie on top of what we are, a part of what we are, but not the wholeness of what we are.

Concentration (a contraction and effort of the mind, training it away from ordinary or incessant thinking) and Meditation (a pleasant expansion of the mind upon a chosen object, beyond the normal limits of the individual) prepare favourable conditions for the recognition of Self.

Yoga and other energy exercises prepare the body, mind and emotions to sit harmoniously for concentration and meditation, allowing us to rest and expand into extraordinary experiences. To be clear, the enlightenment of the recognition of our true nature is not a state of universal love or a connection to all things, but a recognition of oneself as no-thing.

All meditation sessions at Spanda School are free. Look out for beginners meditation, mindfulness meditation (concentration) and meditation retreats to assist you further on this path of deep fulfilment, at whatever pace you see fit for yourself.

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