Yoga @ Spanda School

The programs at Spanda School bring clarity, light and love.

Simple, really. You might find yourself undergoing a transformation towards a joyful, contented and interesting life.

The main elements we focus on are:

The Infinite

How does it work?

Yoga is ancient art form of breath, mind and body. It was originally designed to bring higher states of consciousness, far beyond the ‘yoga bliss feeling’, but a full knowledge of universal energies.
Yoga (or union) also reveals the human being as a direct copy of the universe.
This art form has been diluted at best, and most often totally lost by misinterpretation or neglect of ancient scriptures.

  • Removing the heaviness of the past that can get stuck in the body

Even if it doesn’t include the original intentions of universal unions, modern yoga still has the opportunity to bring incredible benefits. If we understand how trauma and tension can be lodged in the body, we can work towards a de-conditioning of the body, mind and life. This work will be strongly magnified by a mind that knows the deeper mechanics. Through bringing in fresh Chi or Prana, we release old tensions that limit our physical health, our thoughts and our actions.

  • Bringing balance to the body, mind and life

Balancing the left and right (ha & tha) is a natural benefit of Hatha Yoga, or asana practice. This brings harmony in our lives as both left and right brain hemispheres are balanced. Intuition and reason, mind and heart, doing and being, giving and receiving are brought into harmony which brings a superior alignment, embodiment and flow through life.

  • Grounding ourselves in the present moment (which is love, joy & presence)

Yoga also helps us to ground in the experience of oneness. We define this as a completely open awareness to the interconnectedness of all things, and a loss of the experience of the separate self. Union with the present moment, the joy of being (and stretching!) and the universal energy of love can be brought in easily through our yoga practice. All of these bring a direct perception of oneness.


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