Art & Sound Expression Project

An evening of music with love !

The evening will bring people together to enjoy local musicians, songwriting, meditation, mindfulness and discussion. It will be the first of a series of arts and music creative expression events.

What to expect

A forum for expression and the associated well-being process of allowing a safe space to collaborate and produce musical expression. The project will use the expertise and experiences of others eg. Musicians to facilitate this process. Participants will be able to express themselves, including writing and performing their own songs.


Michael Hara has a background in counselling. He is also an acrylic abstract painter and runs the free mindfulness mediation classes week on Saturday mornings 8am at Spanda. He will be joined by local musicians to perform and guide creation !


The benefits will include a sense of well being for people in the community in order for them to feel better connected and contribute to the community.


Purchase a ticket through the link below ~ $25

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Michael has had a long path of awareness which has included yoga, meditation and volunteer work experiences through Bali, Asia, Israel and India (Rishikesh). He has also lived and worked in Aboriginal communities throughout W.A. His realisation was that the 'truth' flows throughout all people, times, places and traditions and binds them together. These experiences alongside of his career in community services and compassionate approach as a (Masters qualified) counsellor, have drawn him to Spanda school. He is passionate about the role of Meditation and Mindfulness in both healing and loving life. 'The keys to your happiness are no longer in someone else's pocket from the past. They're in yours' Adyashanti.

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