Beginners Yoga

Yoga has supported us to find wellbeing and clarity in all life situations.

The 6 week course will cover the basics of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga, to give a better understanding of which style may be right for you or how to combine different styles to enjoy your own practice.

This course is designed for all levels of fitness, to introduce you to some of the different styles of yoga and provide you with a basic knowledge of Yoga.

☆ What to expect

The course will cover some basic alignment techniques, with an emphasis on personal awareness in order to find the correct alignment for your body. There will also be an introduction to meditation and we will cover how yoga and meditation work well together. The course will introduce the miraculous ‘yoga philosophy’ and look at how these interesting systems can positively effect our lives.
We will also cover the benefits of the postures to our bodies and minds and the overall health benefits can enjoy through yoga practice.

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☆ Cost

$20 Drop-in

☆ When

Monday evenings 715pm


Elizabeth Cooper has been through quite a journey with surgery, pain & management, and has found a holistic approach to relief and self -acceptance.

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