Conscious Fish Free Intro Talk

An evening of inspiration and connection

Join us for this evening INTRO talk, and embrace the simple tips and tricks that help us move towards a more plastic-free, minimal waste life – so that we can consciously inhabit this planet and thrive as spirit and as a species.


The big question

What is really going on with plastic, waste and the environment? Steph will help you skip years of intensive research and bring you the latest facts, trends and discernments she uses to navigate her lifestyle.

Her two main objectives: Simple. And conscious.

Steph is an expert in her field both academically as well as in practice as this is her passion. This free talk will MOTIVATE and INFORM you about how to consciously thrive on the planet, at this time.




This event is free!

Bookings can be made through this link here.

Dinner will be catered for those who choose, by Arooza – please book dinner ($15) by emailing

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