Free Advanced Meditation

The long meditation sits on Thursday mornings are a free space that is gently guided by Ava.

It is intended to provide a space where meditators can explore the transitions that occur over a longer period of time, passing through different thresholds of mind.

This extended space invites us to let go of resistances and rest deeply, uprooting old subconscious beliefs and replacing them with stillness.


Beginners are very welcome to try although we recommend the mindfulness or beginners courses to be attended in conjunction with these sessions.

Free Meditation Sessions

|| Thursday Friday and Saturday at 830am

  • Thursday mornings (advanced) A long sit of about 1hr & 25 min to witness the changes that occur over a longer period of time. Gently guided.
  • Fridays– (All welcome) Daniel uses various breath, philosophy and/or concentration practices to prepare for meditation, then drops into a 20-30 minute sit.
  • Saturdays- (Beginner friendly) Michael uses mindfulness techniques and sounds throughout the practice to aid students in addressing blockages to meditation.


At Spanda School, meditation is our favourite thing! With some grace and wisdom we have learnt that meditation is not another combat field. Instead, we take a few key attitudes into meditation that allow us to finally let go, be still and relax into love, as a natural unfolding rather than a dualistic battle.

For us, meditation must incorporate these elements:

  • Committing to stillness & joy
  • De-conditioning false perceptions
  • Aligning the mind, actions & life to a connection with the Infinite

Meditation is not a ‘goal-oriented’ practice, but an exploration of ourSelf, who we believe ourselves to be. What are you essentially? Your mind? Your body? Your beliefs? In meditation, we experience ourself first hand.

There are a few key attitudes which assist this exploration to its depth. They are:

Joy of being
Inquiry into the mystery

Meditation provides a new form of knowledge, that doesn’t come through reasoning and thoughts, but a direct experience of our essential nature. We open to a reality that is beyond thoughts. YES, we can know things without thinking about them. In fact, we do it everyday.
In meditation, we stop and recognise our own light and clarity. This reconditions our mind from believing it is a personality, to being rooted in a formless joy that is unaffected by thoughts, situations & limiting beliefs.

Meditation Courses

Either you’re ready to explore meditation or it is time to take your practice to the next level. Joining this meditation community may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Advanced and Beginner meditation courses to take students on a journey of learning about and deepening their meditation practice. Courses are taught by Ava who has spent countless weeks learning and practicing in daily life and in solitary meditation retreat and over 5 years of teaching meditation. Please email to book.

Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats give an opportunity to students to let go of mundane responsibility and revel in the profound and nurturing atmosphere of the heart.

“Hridaya meditation is simple. Yet, where most techniques aim at mastering the mind, for us this is just the beginning. Every week we explore the deepest aspect of our being, the spiritual heart. The beauty of this meditation is that its perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners – Ava

Ava is the main teacher and founder of Spanda School. Her main offering is yoga classes, tantra courses and meditation retreats. She has dedicated herself wholly to awakening, service and the pursuit of knowledge.

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