The Little School of Yoga: Introductory Talk

The Little Yoga School presents an introduction to:


There is an old paradigm operating within our school system.

And this means that there is an opening, a calling for a new way, to bring in Conscious and Heart Centered Education practices, to integrate and honour awareness and intuition in both our teaching and learning.

  • What happens when we integrate Yogic Philosophy with Education?
  • What if our schools honoured the INNER WISDOM held within each individual?
  • What if our education system helped our young people grow and learn in a state of HEART and BRAIN connection?

When our children are able to grow within an environment that nourishes their creativity, intuition and awareness we will begin to see real benefits for our future.

But HOW do we do this?

HOW do we begin to create the change in teaching and learning?

Join us  at Spanda School for tea and delicious snacks alongside a conversation and collaboration on how to create Heart Centred Education practices for our children.


Sunday January 21st 2018 9.30am – 11am


  • An introduction to Heart Centred Conscious Education for Kids.
  • An invitation to the community to be part of creating Conscious Education for our children.
  • Insight into the role Yogic Philosophy can play in brining balance to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional education and learning.


All parents, educators and community members interested in Conscious Education! People interested in building a curriculum which integrates Yogic Philosophy with Education. Homeschoolers. Un-schoolers. People interested in creating change!


By donation $5 – $10


Through the MindBodyOnline link here.

* This is also an opportunity to find out more about our programs for children which will be operating at Spanda School for the community, starting in 2018!

Always curious to a sense of “Something More” , I first experienced Yoga and Meditation in my late teens. I immediately found these practices added a depth to my life and, in one way or another, they have accompanied me during each stage of my journey ever since.

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