Meditation Course

There are over 100 benefits from meditation in our physical body.

Meditation brings a calming to the nervous system that undoes the damage of continuous overstimulation due to our environment and lifestyles. It also helps balance the emotional body, reveal the joy in life and assist us in a masterful purpose.

Now is the time to learn to meditate and to love meditation!

Hridaya is an expert in the field and will bring us a clear and nourishing 4 week course.


$30 per session

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What to expect

Week 1: The purpose of meditation, philosophy and background, how it works with the mind (not against it) and how it changes the relationship with the mind for the better. How to support your posture with props for a more alert and effective meditation (both seated and lying down options), introduction to “watching the mind” technique.

Week 2: Learn a 15 minute asana and pranayama practise to perfectly prepare the mind and body for meditation, introduction to the practise of mantras.

Week 3: Introduction to the practise of mindfulness, the 4 foundations and 3 central principles of mindfulness. Introduction to mindfulness techniques.

Week 4: Practice what we have learned, discover which technique resonates with each individual, why the context in our life is more important that the content of our life, final discussion and learnings.

“Hridaya delivers a meditation course that is both profound and heartfelt. Infusing her vast knowledge and meditation experience she lovingly guides you through a number of techniques to find the style of meditation that best suits you.” Daniel Merchant

I was born curious – curious about what it is to be a human being and the intangible experiences beyond the physical and obvious. I read spiritual books as a teenager and was blessed to be introduced to meditation at the impressionable age of 16. The techniques I learned brought me home and I knew the peace and stillness I