Yin Yoga & Meditation

ॐ What to expect

Enjoy an easy, floor-based set of restorative stretches or ‘Yin Yoga’, followed by guided relaxation, and ending with a meditation. This is a quick way to get all the physical, emotional and mental benefits of the meditation practice.

These sessions magically address the two main issues we face daily: imbalance and stress in both body and mind. Join us and discover why this is one of our most popular classes.

This weekly class is perfect for people who are:

  • beginners,
  • not physically ready to try a dynamic yoga class,
  • in need of relaxation,
  • need stress and anxiety relief,
  • suffering from sleep issues.

Casual classes are $20 or included for free with our monthly membership.

The Centre

What to bring: All props and equipment are provided. Please come with comfy clothes and water.

Parking: There is free street parking right out the front of the location on South St. and on South Terrace.

Bookings: No bookings are required for classes. We prefer cash at the centre, or pay & book online below. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign in.


  • Casual classes – $20
  • New Student offer – $59 for 1 month unlimited
  • 10 Class Pass – $175
  • 1 Month Unlimited – $160
    (10% concession discounts apply)

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Arooza has always had an impulse towards excellence, although in her early life there was no apparent structure of how, why or what path to travel. Born in 1957, she grew up in India and Africa. Her first exposure to spirituality was through her incredible Bhakti father who was a living example of kindness, gentleness and Karma Yoga (surrender to God).

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