Sangha Yoga Festival

☆ Yoga ☆ Meditation ☆ Sound ☆ Movement ☆ Dance ☆ Food ☆ Drink ☆ Market Stalls ☆ Picnic Grass ☆ Bathers Beach ☆ Dj’s ☆ Inspiration & Health ☆

Sangha Yoga Festival

Join us from 8 – 6pm, on Sunday February 18th, for a day of melting into grass, sunshine and  awesome vibes. The festival will host a selection of fun, sounds, food, FRIENDS and your choice of the best yoga classes we have to offer!

Click interested on the Facebook event here to see the schedule!

J shed

Join us for a schedule of classes from the Spanda teachers:
Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Meditation, sound, Mindfulness,  dancing (!).

Each class can be booked into through the Spanda Mindbody online, or cash/card at Spanda School.

There are only 25 spots per class so be sure to reserve a spot in the sessions you are keen for!


Many things in life ARE free!

Complimenting the learnings, healings, and restings in the yoga hall – there will be unique stall-holders, food, our favourite dj’s, activities and all your best mates laying on the grass with you. Walk down the sandy-steps for a dip in Bathers Beach.

Access to the lawn is a free community space – we encourage you to add your own jazz – bring an instrument, pet, child, craft, blanket, snacks and co-manifest your perfect day.

What to bring

Please bring a yoga mat, and whatever you need to relax on the grass or beach in between classes.


There is free parking at the j shed.


☼ 1 Class $20
☼ 2 Classes $35
☼ 3 Classes $40
☼ Cacao Ceremony & Dj Set $15

Limited spaces.

Spaces can be pre-booked with cash at the studio.
Or through the Mindbodyonline link here.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to each class.


8am Vinyasa Yoga w Jen Stuart
9am Hatha Yoga w Ava
1030 Tribal Rhythms w Jae West
12pm Mindfulness and sound with Michael
1pm Gentle Yoga w Cate
230pm Yin Yoga w Daniel
4pm Community Cacao Ceremony
5pm Ecstatic Dance & Dj set
*Please bring a cup for the 4pm Cacao Ceremony.

I first started meditating in my early 20’s. However, my yoga journey started as a student at Spanda School. I showed up for the first meditation course when they opened their premise in White Gum Valley. I connected with Spanda School firstly through sharing a love for meditation and secondly through the discovery of yoga as a pure form of

I discovered yoga at the end of 2007, it was a week long ayurveda + yoga + meditation course through the Art of Living with my Grandfather. We learnt a lot about the power of the breath and healing yourself physically and emotionally. He taught be a lot about the power of crystals, oils, reflexology, Chinese medicine, panic food and

Ava is the main teacher and founder of Spanda School. Her main offering is yoga classes, tantra courses and meditation retreats. She has dedicated herself wholly to awakening, service and the pursuit of knowledge.

Cate is incredible, and likes to provide a gentle class. With 25 years of experience she is an advanced teacher, bringing skill and love to every session.

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