SME Class for Women

Sex Magic & Embodiment for Women

Would you like to effortlessly embody your sensuality and innate feminine magic?

In many ancient cultures, women came together to dance, express their words and move their hips in celebration of their femininity and to connect with their sisters.
This supported the women to embody their sexuality, stay fresh, clear and full of love.

What to bring

Just show up!
Tired, confused, excited, aggravated, happy – this is space is one of allowing, respecting and cherishing exactly where we are at. So just come along and no matter how you show up, you will be held, and that presence will in turn support everyone else.

What to expect

S.M.E explores themes around conscious sexuality and embodiment through meditation, erotic dance, tantric practice and circle sharing.

The fullness of our sexuality requires us to engage body, mind and heart (spiritual energy or pure awareness). 

These classes are designed to allow us to express ourselves on all levels, and connect inward. We include:

▽ Discussion and learning about concepts in tantra or sexology (mind),
▽ Dance/movement/sensual touch (body),
▽ Tantric practice and meditation (heart/spirit).

Ava and Briannan (a tantric practitioner and a sexologist) create a sacred space within which to explore the roots of your sexual beliefs and erotic archetype, guiding you to break through fear, shame and taboo and connecting you with your inner priestess – that divine inner self who is authentically whole, erotically empowered and worthy of worship.


Bookings through the link, or cash on the evening.

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After a lifetime of curiosity and a personal awakening a couple of years ago, Briannan has delved deep into the pursuit of understanding the full spectrum of human sexuality, from the embodied to the esoteric, and the way this plays out for the individual in their personal life and their relationships. With a Masters in Sexology (currently studying) and an

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  1. Kirsty
    2 hours ago

    I’m really curious about this session. How long is it?
    I’m unlikely to be able to make this date. How often do you run this? Do you have future dates?
    Thanks kirsty

    1. Kirsty
      2 hours ago

      Just seen it’s 90 mins! ….future dates please 🙏🏾

  2. Jo
    13 hours ago

    I would love to come to this, but can’t make this week. Hopefully you run one again soon.
    Much love xx

  3. Briannan
    13 hours ago

    Hi Kirsty, Ava and I typically run these sessions once per month. This month I will be running the session on my own as Ava is away, so it will have a more sexological focus. Feel free to see how the timing goes and if you can make it on the day you can purchase your ticket on arrival, if not, we’ll see you at the next one!


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