Womens Support Group

We are feeling so fresh and inspired to be bringing back the women’s groups at Spanda School.

♡ On Sunday morning, after Cacao Yoga, the space will open up at 1215pm to invite women in some gentle meditations.

The space will then be gently guided for women to connect in their own way.

♡ Through massage, sharing food, dance, contemplation, art and any other expression of connection, rest and loving.

♡ Please place a donation in the box for the space, and for any guest facilitators.

♡ Please bring a small snack to share.

Ava is the main teacher and founder of Spanda School. Her main offering is yoga classes, tantra courses and meditation retreats. She has dedicated herself wholly to awakening, service and the pursuit of knowledge.

Lani Noble is a lover of life and the wonderment of simple things. Dedicated to a life of deep inner enquiry she has an insatiable thirst for truth, nature and sharing the message of the Heart through yoga, meditation, ceremonial cacao, photography and writing. Her yoga classes are a fusion of yin and gentle Hridaya Hatha yoga accessible for all, from beginner to advanced practitioners. Each class is infused with a touch of mysticism as Lani blends classical yoga, Advaita Vedanta and Sufi teachings with somatic practices to encourage her students to explore the mind body connection, to feel each movement from within, to breathe, to accept, to let go and to feel free within the body. Qualifications: She holds a 500-hour RYT Certificate as a Hridaya hatha yoga and meditation instructor and she is also a 200hr certified Yin yoga instructor. 

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