Yoga for Trauma

Your body has things to say.

This is a personal invitation for you to listen.

Learning to accept what has happened in a gentle and responsible way. This process cannot and should not be rushed; however we can learn how to safely navigate our way through day to day life.

Trauma is so wide spread and has many different levels.

This session is open to anyone who has suffered trauma, or is supporting them like a yoga teacher or friend.  Jen Stuart is trained in yoga, meditation and PTSD, and has a passion for sharing the triumphs of her own journey with those who need it.

This session will include:

✓ Specific breath techniques that allow a greater ability to tolerate trauma
✓ Working with new pathways of healing and personal growth.
✓ How to feel safer within your own skin on and off the mat
✓ Empowerment through the dips and flows of this challenging life

Come as you are. Support is here.
Complemented with essential oils.

What to expect

These 2 hours spent together will be opening up a ‘trauma toolbox’. Making space for grounding, balancing the nervous system and focussing our minds towards meditation techniques – quieting the busy and confusion that can come with a trauma. Picking up the right tools for this unpredictable life can sometimes be challenging; especially when not knowing where to start. In this safe and nurturing space, we invite you to play and get to know yourself again and feel what resonates, with you. Feeling into the sensation, noticing where we have been holding tension or perhaps numbness. We are all unique, our experiences are unique but we must all learn to take ownership of our body. This is so important: if we do not know what it needs, how can we start to heal?

  • Exploring bottom up processing, where we use our body to communicate – trusting your body to tell your mind how you are actually feeling, rather than the mind dictating to your body what it thinks we should be feeling.
  • Specific breath techniques will allow a greater ability to tolerate trauma related stimuli by working with new pathways of healing and personal growth.
  • Begin to feel safer within your own skin on and off the mat.
  • Encourage empowerment through the dips and flows of this challenging life

*Limited spots are available to ensure comfort and privacy.


Saturday 27th of January 2-4pm


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To sign up for the same workshop on March 18th 1-3pm please click here.
To sign up for the 4 week evening course starting March 18th please click here.

Guided by Jen, who comes from a background of personal trauma experience and has gone onto further training in PTSD, mental health and Trauma Sensitive Yoga training. Read more about her at

Jen is originally from London and has spent the last several years travelling internationally where she continues her training and shares her practices; now continuing her journey in Australia. Coming from a personal background of trauma, this has led her into specialising in yoga for trauma, reconnection to the self and embodiment. Her Hatha yoga classes are mindful movements, focussing

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  1. Leighann
    3 hours ago

    Interested to know if you’ll run this again (the trauma sensitive yoga). Really interested but overseas

  2. Brittany Gintzburger
    12 hours ago


    This is something that would benefit me greatly however I cannot afford it at the moment. Will you be offer the course again?




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