Art of Dying

Art of Dying

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“Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.” ~ Socrates

  •  Learn Fully how to live, through Contemplation of Death
  •  Support your loved One’s at the time of Death
  •  Experience Self-Realization at the Moment of Death

What is Art of Dying?

We will all die, but we rarely admit this to ourselves.

Modern society tells us that it’s macabre to dwell on death, and yet every spiritual tradition in the world, including the Yogic and Tantric paths, include meditations on death as part of their repertoire.

In this workshop we will explore death from two angles:

  1. The death of others, in which we will learn to help those in the dying process to die peacefully and with grace
  2. Our own death, how bringing awareness to death can positively affect our life and raise our consciousness

This workshop uses both lecture and exercises to transmit an integrated knowledge from a variety of sources – the Yogic and Tantric Traditions, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, modern Western psychology, studies into near death experiences, and more.

The practical aspect of the course includes a variety of Yoga techniques; meditations, visualizations, and rituals. Though the subject is the most serious one that exists, it will be approached directly and honestly, and the workshop promises to be punctuated by moments of light heartedness and laughter.

Would you like to help your loved ones to die with as much grace and beauty as possible?

Would you like to be able to help the souls of those that have died to find peace?

Would you like to learn more about the dying process, and what happens after death?

Every single human being will die.  The Art of Dying is for everyone – young or old, spiritual or atheist, regardless of race, gender, economic status, religion – death comes for us – so let’s be prepared!

Imagine living each moment to the fullest.  Imagine waking each day with a renewed sense of purpose.  Touching the heart of compassion within, engaging in everyday, ordinary experiences and being fully present, filled with simple joy.

Imagine the quality of your relationships when you bring your fullness and depth to them.

Imagine being more in touch with Essence, with your Soul, with Being, and multifaceted reflections this will have throughout every aspect of life.

Imagine Full Awakening, Self-Realization, Enlightenment.

Changing our relationship with death can offer us all of this!


Note: This workshop is open those of any faith, political opinion, ethnicity, age, gender and sexual orientation. All are welcome, in an environment of confidence, respect and acceptance and compassion. Discriminatory attitudes of any kind will not be tolerated.

Benefits that you will experience

Increased Equanimity

“If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve.” – Lao Tzu

Impetus to Action & Evolution

“Death is as necessary, for a man’s growth as life itself.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Clarity on Priorities & Life Purpose

“Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose…
the eye sheds a tear to find its focus.” – Robert Brault

Meaning of Life Crystalized

“Normally we do not like to think about death.  We would rather think about life.  Why reflect on death?  When you start preparing for death you soon realize that you must look into your life now… and come to face the truth of yourself.  Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected.”

Live Life more Fully

You would know the secret of death.
But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life? – Kahlil Gilbran

Deep Connection with Others

“Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time… It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.” – Leo Buscaglia

Increased Presence

“Of all footprints,That of the elephant is supreme;
Of all mindfulness meditations, That on death is supreme” –Buddha

Focused Spiritual Practice

“Meditation on impermanence and death inspires you to engage in spiritual practices. It is an eye-opener.  Awareness of death is essential at every stage of your spiritual life” – the Dalai Lama

This workshop will include

  • Sacred Tantric meditations
  • Mantras
  • Tibetan Pho-wa technique
  • Traditional ritualistic procedures
  • Guided Meditations
  • Self-Inquiry
  • In-depth reading of the Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead)
  • Elisabeth Kubler Ross’s stages of death
  • Raymond Moody’s research on clinical death


Saturday December 1st 1115am-6pm
Sunday December 2nd 9am – 3pm


Early bird pricing (ends October 2nd)

  • Single: $340
  • Bring a friend discount: $610

Full price

  • Single: $410
  • Bring a friend discount: $738


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About Amitayus

My name is Amitayus, and my nine year old sister died when I was eleven. This left me with powerful loss, grief and some guilt even – I wondered if it was somehow my fault – and a feeling of having been abandoned by my best friend.

Since then I have been fascinated with the great spiritual questions, such as:

-Why are we here?
-What’s the meaning of life?
-Is there a God?
-If there’s a god then why does suffering exist?
-Who am I?

My entire adult life has been dedicated to growth and healing.  By no means is my work entirely done.  I feel firmly that healing, and spirituality, are a spiral process. Yet I have been able to make real progress in my years of self – examination.  Always coming back to death and dying has been a powerful impetus for this evolution.

I have volunteered for hospice for many years, and been involved in many roles.  I have worked closely with patients in their last months.  I have worked with the families of those who have passed, offering bereavement support.  Those terminally ill humans have been amazing teachers, guides and friends. I’ll never forget John Gorf – who introduced me to classical concerts, and was painting up until the day before he died at the age of 88.  

I have since guided two of my grandparents through their deaths – living the last weeks with them and doing everything possible to support them through that process.  

I have studied with gurus, such as Swami Vivekananda and Tibetan Rinpoches, and read countless books from the east and the west about the topic.  

I am a Yoga and Tantra Teacher, a Transformative Shadow Work Coach, as well as a husband, friend, and son.  My teachers, friends, students and clients consistently describe me as passionate, fiery, fully of integrity, honest, compassionate, intuitive, patient and loving.  I am constantly being told by people that they are surprised how short I am, because I seem so huge.

Refund Policy

*Full refunds are granted for requests 10 days prior to event

**Credit to future events granted if notice given minimum 7 days before. Credit to be used within 30 days.



"When deciding to attend the Yoga and Death course, I felt a mix of curiosity and apprehension. Nervous because this can be a fearful thing at times, I didn’t know what it would be like learning and feeling through this, but I was also excited as my experiences with death and grieving had been turning points for me. Death had continued to fascinate me. I've listened to a lot of lectures on so many topics through my university studies; some are very interesting but others paled into insignificance. Participating in this course was so engaging; it was so freeing to really explore death and grieving in this way. Amitayus was able to communicate the complexities, acknowledge the magnitude and lack of understanding that is death and made it a safe environment for our discussion and meditation. With the greater understanding I gained from this workshop, I feel that when required I can help myself, my family and friends through the grieving process. That understanding can also be applied to my work in healthcare. It was confronting for me at times but I thrived on being able to be so present whilst Amitayus held space for us. I’m keen to deepen my understanding of the process and am so grateful to him for facilitating this experience for me. "

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