A class, workshop or retreat at Spanda School opens you up for a new, great opportunity.

Here are some commonly asked questions to get you started on your path of healing and mastery.

Which classes are beginner friendly?

Short answer: Vinyasa classes are more physically intensive. We have beginners classes specifically for introductions to physical and subtle elements of the practice.

Long Answer: Every yoga class at Spanda is beginner friendly, and we have highly experienced teachers who provide options for the different levels of flexibility, injury and fitness.

In general, yoga classes at Spanda are not aimed at acrobatics or contortionism. Rather, we aim for a mindfulness practice with a transformational element. This means that you can start at any level, and from that level you will move up!

Is there parking?

There is plenty of free and timeless parking on South Street and Marine Terrace as well. Please check time limits along South Terrace. Our entrance is from South St.

What do I need to bring?

All equipment is provided.
Just rock up in comfy clothes. Click on each event and class to read more about any special requirements.

How can I book in/pay?

No bookings are required for classes, although you can book and pay online here.
Please arrive 5-15 minutes before class to pay with cash.

Bookings are required for all events, workshops and retreats. Please book and pay online here.

Where can I start learning meditation?

Meditation and a return to the Reality and the present moment is our gift at Spanda School.
The silent meditation retreats are the best option for learning meditation. They help to establish a practice and add meditation, stillness & clarity to your life.
Besides that the meditation classes on our timetable are a great place to learn meditation, as well as private classes with the experienced teachers.
The free meditation spaces do not so much ‘teach’ meditation, rather they offer a space for everyone to practice. The free meditation space and meditation classes great, and we encourage participants to use chairs.

Is there any support for people elderly people or people with disabilities?

We have great options for people with injury, disability or ageing concerns and our regular students range from 9 – 70 years.

Liz holds weekly pain management and meditation groups that tailors exercises and meditations for anyone suffering from injury, lack of flexibility, other ailments and movement issues.

Yin yoga is accessible for elderly people and those with disabilities as it is a quiet & mindful practice everyone can benefit from. It is done entirely on the floor and is sometimes called ‘restorative yoga’.

The free meditation space and meditation classes are also great, as we encourage participants to use chairs.