Fremantle Meditation

ॐ Free Meditation Sessions 

Free meditation sessions here in Fremantle create the space for the community to come and meditate for free. If you’ve practiced meditation before and do not need assistance, these sessions are a great addition to the other classes at the school.

Check timetable for times:

  • Thursday mornings (Advanced) A long sit of about 1hr & 25 min with Ava to witness the changes that occur over a longer period of time. Gently guided.
  • Fridays– (All welcome) Hridaya uses various breath and concentration practices to prepare for meditation, then drops into a 20-30 minute sit. All welcome.  We invite you to let go and be still – lightly guided.
  • Saturdays- (Beginner friendly) Michael uses mindfulness techniques and sounds throughout the practice to aid students in addressing blockages to meditation.

All are welcome, meditation is more an internal shift towards simplicity than a technical practice to struggle with.

These sessions are a valuable tool for anyone seeking the infinite depth of the Heart. Our dedicated and experienced teachers guide you through the Hridaya meditation system, the yoga of the Spiritual Heart which points towards the revelation of our true nature: the Consciousness of Oneness. This system of tools and practices offers one a chance towards a deep heart opening and a profound revelation of what we really are.

For more information about meditation classes & retreats Click here for more information

I did the Beginner’s Meditation Course at Spanda with Ava. On my first session I already knew it was going to be really beneficial for me. I just felt totally at ease and peaceful and welcomed. After completing the course it is definitely something I hope to continue doing in my spare time. Meditation helped me, first and foremost, to just spend some time with myself. After struggling with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem for many years, I finally feel able to transform my situation and learn to love myself and let others do the same. It’s just all about taking time to go deep and get in touch with your real self.
~ Molly Kennedy (22)