Conscious Kindy Program

Conscious Kindy Program

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Heart-Centred Education Programs

By The Little Yoga School

What is Conscious Education?

Conscious Education is about learning from the heart and teaching from the heart.

This means teachers work from their own sense of intuition by feeling into and responding to the needs of the children and the environment. By modelling how to feel into the needs of the moment, teachers not only maintain their own self awareness and growth but they also encourage children to operate from their own inner wisdom.

This program is a space to allow children to learn without judgement. It is a space for children to flourish in a state of heart and brain connection.

The program will suit those looking for a gentle, rich educational experience before their child begins compulsory schooling. However, the Little Yoga School program also beautifully compliments the learning for children enrolled in other Kindy and Pre-Kindy programs. The program will naturally be relevant to the National Curriculum and so families interested in homeschooling (or un-schooling) will also find the program beneficial.

Limited places available.

Ages 3-6years.

We holistically explore:

  • peaceful communication
  • conflict resolution
  • how to make choices
  • asking for help
  • as well as building a sense of gratitude and trust.

The Little Yoga School integrates Yogic Philosophy and Early Childhood Education to explore what the current curriculum doesn’t have time for.

Each session will weave together elements of:

  • Yoga (Asana, Breath and Meditation),
  • Mindfulness,
  • Nature
  • Art. Music
  • Creativity. Imagination
  • Storytelling
  • Physical Fluency
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Making Connections
  • Well-being. Inner wisdom

All within a play based, developmentally appropriate environment and run by experienced and qualified Early Childhood Educators: Jules and Gill. Our Educators are also committed to their own yoga and meditation practice so we also focus on life-skills.


TERM 3 starts Tuesday July 17th
Tuesday mornings 930-11am (for 10 weeks)

Exchange is $25 casual
or $225 (for a 10 week term)

Parents/Carers drop their children for a 9.30am Start/Return at 11am for pick up.


Bookings can be made through the MindbodyOnline link by clicking here.

or contact Andrea at to book over the phone 0404 606 001.

Thank you!

Full term attendance includes:

  • Weekly sessions from 9.30am – 11am – integrating an early childhood program with Yogic philosophy
  • TWO experienced and qualified educators
  • Access to private/closed fb group community which features ongoing posts/exercises/info on natural learning for families to provide continuity at home plus the benefits of a collaborative learning community!
  • Info on EYLF (national early years framework) curriculum for families (especially useful for homeschooling families)
  • Ongoing support offered via FB group on Conscious Education and Conscious Parenting


Annabelle, age 4

"I think Yoga is a really relaxing thing to do especially with the relaxing music, also the activities we do is super fun and I just love going."


Gill Howarth

Always curious to a sense of “Something More” , I first experienced Yoga and Meditation in my late teens. I immediately found these practices added a depth to my life and, in one way or another, they have accompanied me during each stage of my journey ever since.

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