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Kirtan is the Indian tradition of ecstatic devotional singing. It is practiced with a group of open hearted souls (satsanga), who are collectively honoured as an embodiment of the Sacred Reality. Through simple devotional songs the facilitator (kirtaniya) leads the satsang on a process of shared experience. When we gather and use our voices with this intention, something moves in the spaces which defies words. This is our journey home.
Bhairavi brings together Bhavani Naea, Branan Silvius and Aarti Jadu, three musicians of diverse backgrounds. Their role in the kirtan is to support and inspire the participants on their ecstatic journey.
Kirtan is in fact an ancient and universal practice. With this perspective, Bhairavi’s kirtans don’t assume an allegiance to any particular creed or system of belief. Its essence is experiential. Many of our songs are from the Hinduist tradition, but we also introduce songs from other sources. Language plays its role, but the heart of the experience resounds in the spaces between the words.
Please stay afterwards to connect with each other and enjoy some delicious Chai and Snacks.


Time: 6.30pm to 8pm
Bookings can be made through the Mindbodyonline link by CLICKING HERE,
or if there is room, paid on the day.

Refund Policy

*Full refunds are granted for requests 5 days prior to event

**Credit to future events granted if notice given minimum 3 days before. Credit to be used within 30 days.


Romina Ferrada

"I'm sending you this email because I never got the chance to say goodbye to you guys. I had an amazing time and learnt heaps as well!

Thanks for all the kind words and good vibes in every single class. That month practising yoga with you change the way I see and live my life now and I'll be forever gratefull for that.

I hope you have an awesome year guys!
Namaste "

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