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Bhajan is community gathering together to connect to the energy of the Heart.

Bhajan is a pillar of the Bhakti Yoga path, in which the aspirant praises the Universal aspect of their being.

Bhakti Yoga contains a powerful spiritual technology – the art of devotion. Devotion is something we practice, and are not experts at from the beginning. It is a path that highlights the infinity of our being.

It amplifies aspiration, surrender, detachment, spiritual insight, Bhavana, kundalini and fervour.

Join us for our monthly exploration of this incredible path.

What happens?

On Saturday evening we will gather in the Spanda space, with either floor, chair or standing postures. Dancing is also welcome.

Professional artists Melly and Brannan will take us through devotional music, where we are invited to use our voices, body, prayer and thoughts to open up Bhakti, Bhavana, the Heart and insight.


The event is costed at $20

Bookings can be made through the Mindbodyonline link by CLICKING HERE.

Refund Policy

*Full refunds are granted for requests 5 days prior to event

**Credit to future events granted if notice given minimum 3 days before. Credit to be used within 30 days.


Romina Ferrada

"I'm sending you this email because I never got the chance to say goodbye to you guys. I had an amazing time and learnt heaps as well!

Thanks for all the kind words and good vibes in every single class. That month practising yoga with you change the way I see and live my life now and I'll be forever gratefull for that.

I hope you have an awesome year guys!
Namaste "

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