4 Day Silent Meditation Retreat

4 Day Silent Meditation Retreat

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A profound, beyond-mind understanding of Stillness is our birthright.

In this retreat we recognise Stillness as a platform for resting, awareness, pure being, life, love and freedom.

We leave behind the programming and the mundane, and embrace the beauty of our experience, settling into simplicity. Although subtle, there does exist a philosophy and practice in the direction of stillness. This is an entirely new kind of effort – we explore the profound shift from compulsive doing, into effortless being.

Remarkable insights and deep transformations naturally result after longer and repeated retreats. 

Balance & Harmony

The 4 days is meant to replicate a solitary cave retreat. Everyday we will enjoy beautiful yoga, meditation, relaxation and peace-ful exercises to return to the deepest sense of Self. There will be no contact with the outside world or even your colleagues within the setting. Expect a balancing and harmonising of our nervous system, sleep cycles, and a re-setting of the way we react to emotions, thoughts and circumstances. 


Meditation is being mis-practiced by millions of seekers as a form of struggle, effort and contraction. In this space, we emphasis a delicate balance between effort and surrender. The sitting meditation practice is supported to make it as comfortable as possible. We use poetry, yoga, nature immersion, props, nourishing food, resting and on-going practice to reveal the gifts of meditation. You can read more through click these links about Meditation at Spanda and Yoga at Spanda.

What’s Included

All accommodation and food are included. Delicious, healthy and hearty, home cooked vegetarian meals will be served 3 times a day. Morning Hatha, evening Yin practices, silent sitting meditations supported by discourses and training from modern and traditional yoga technologies. Space limited to 15 people.

Read the Retreat Guidelines here.


Cottage option (single bed in shared cottage with partitions)
$750 early bird (ends Nov 1st)/ $850 Including all accommodation and food.

Tent option
$700 early bird (ends Nov 1st) / $800 Including all accommodation and food.

Full payments due by December 1st.

Bank deposit  send amount into:

  • Spanda School
  • BSB 036157
  • Account number 587713
  • Westpac
  • Email receipt and name to info@spandaschool.com

    *Deposits are non-refundable
    ** Cancellations given more than 1 month before will receive the remainder of payment refunded.

Sample Schedule

  • 7-830am Morning Meditation & Techniques
  • 830am Breakfast
  • 930am Lecture topic
  • 10am Hatha Yoga
  • 1130am Meditation
  • 12noon Lunch & Break
  • 330pm Yin Yoga
  • 430pm Meditation
  • 6pm Individual practice
  • 630pm Dinner
  • 730pm Q&A
  • 8pm Evening meditation
    Arrival: Between 4-530pm on the Friday evening.

Retreat Venue

Situated 10 minutes from Margaret River, on seven beautiful acres of natural bush with extensive, bird friendly native gardens, Honeyeater Ridge includes a large mud brick house with cathedral jarrah ceilings, a separate self-contained cottage that has extra beds, bathroom and kitchenette and a yoga studio situated in the gardens. Wood fires inside, mosaic bird baths and meditation benches in the gardens add to the character and ambiance of this very peaceful rural property and ensure guests enjoy a sense of peace and tranquillity.


Melinda Cahill (co-founder of Wise Tribe)

"The retreat was absolutely what I needed. I meditate regularly at home and it has helped my stress, anxiety and restlessness a great deal. my struggle with sleep remains an ongoing project.

By entirely de-plugging with Ava and the group for 4 days, in the blissful surrounds of a peaceful, rural property, receiving no stimulus whatsoever, I FINALLY had some deep, deep rest (and naps!). This alone is a reason to attend in my mind. But that's just the beginning.

The guided meditations and talks by Ava were exactly what I needed to soothe the stresses that accumulate through modern life and find the place to just 'be', to be 'me'. To know what me is. To let go of past stories. To rediscover the majesty of the heart. To open to life and all that is.

Ava's wisdom is backed by a deep understanding of the teachings of various spiritual guides, deities and gurus.... wisdom was drawn from so many inspirational teachers and she conveyed this beautifully. She has a special gift in captivating hearts and minds through poetry and storytelling. 

I cannot end this review without complimenting Arooza for the incredible food. There was so much love in everything she created for us.

Everyone who attended the retreat agreed - we felt nurtured, supported and loved while we went on our deep inner journeys.

Thank you Ava and Arooza for this fabulous experience."


Ava Irani

Ava is the main teacher and founder of Spanda School. Her main offering is yoga classes, tantra courses and meditation retreats. She has dedicated herself wholly to awakening, service and the pursuit of knowledge.

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