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Jarred Dickie

Jarred Dickie is a friendly face you might have seen around Fremantle for years. In 2013, he left a 5 year stint as an underground miner to study Natural Medicine and simultaneously start a 4 year service role working at Manna Wholefoods. Here he embedded himself into the Freo community. A kind, intuitive and intelligent spark, he co-founded Kommunity Brew Kombucha in 2015, learning the incredible journey of running a small, conscious business. After meeting Ava in 2013, in his first week of studying Naturopathy, he was glad to have an entry point into understanding mind-body medicine. His innate thirst for esoteric knowledge led him on a fast track spiritual journey, taking Vipassana and Hridaya silent meditation retreats, as well as studying at Agama Yoga and exploring practically the many different expressions of Tantra and non-duality (neo and traditional). Jarred’s upbringing was interesting to say the least. From a young age he was destined for a role of being responsible for his 5 siblings. His first introduction to subtle energy practices was through his step-mother, as well as through his primary school Woodbury Boston which had an emphasis on meditation and intuitive learning. Ultimately Jarred’s dharma is relationship and community. The variety of his skills from sophisticated health advice to creative building projects is only overshadowed by his willingness to help and serve.