Yoga & Meditation Retreats

Retreating from compulsive doing, restores balance, clarity and wellbeing to the yogi.

Join us for a retreat in Margaret River, Fremantle or Overseas

The great teacher Adi Shankaracharya said suffering is caused by ignorance.

The cure for ignorance is Knowledge.
To know, is to heal from the wounds of perceived separation.

A silent retreat doesn’t just repair and restore our faculties, it also provides an opportunity for something far more meaningful:
Insight into life, Truth, existence and Being.

Is there a simple resting place for our Being that we can know and anchor our Selves into, whilst flourishing on this planet? Absolutely. A retreat through Spanda School provides the technology and wisdom from the incredible yogic visions of Non-Dual Tantric Shivaism. These are accessed through classical Hatha Yoga and updated with modern functional physiology and psychology.

1 Day Retreats – Fremantle


1 DAY SILENT MEDITATION & YOGA (Ava)  Sunday April 22nd

1 DAY CACAO & YIN YOGA RETREAT (Lani)  Sunday May 27th

Cacao Yin Yoga & Meditation Retreat – Margaret River


3 DAY WOMEN’S WINTER YIN & CACAO RETREAT (Lani)  July 20th – 23rd

Silent Meditation & Yoga Retreats – Margaret River


4 DAY SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT  (Ava)  Friday May 18th – Tuesday May 22nd

7 DAY SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT  (Ava)  Friday August 24th – Friday August 31st

4 Day Silent Meditation Retreat (Ava)  Friday December 14th – Tuesday December 18th

7 Day Silent Meditation Retreat (Ava)  Tirruvanamalai (Arunachala), India  February 2 – 10th 2019

1 Month Yoga & Meditation Retreats


28 Day Traditional Hatha, Flow and Meditation Teacher Training Retreat  Bali  July 1st – 29th

29 Day Yin Yoga and Silent Meditation Teacher Training Retreat  Greece  Nov 5th – Dec 5th

All these retreats are available for bookings, please contact us with any questions.