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        We breathe together in the Conscious Connected Breath practice. Which dissolves barriers of separation from your true essence, higher consciousness, felt sense and body wisdom.

        By building relationship with these parts of yourself, your breath experience is potently packed with potential to shift core pattern and beliefs which will ripple into your everyday reality.

        We will visit realms perhaps not yet dreamed of – you breathing you home.

        We will explore the vastness of possibility and what we are capable of.

        Welcome yourself home – this experience will expand your everyday world – Your breath will gift you … You!



        $45 Early Bird (ends 18th June)
        $55 Late Bird


        Mindbody Online


        DAY / TIME
        Sunday 25th June
        6.30pm – 8.30pm


        Who is Senaja

        What is Breathwork


        Senaja is an international Breathworker who is passionate for all of humanity to experience the fullness of themselves. She says 'the Breath is the most effective way to unite all parts of yourself and allow for deep transformation.'

        Bringing more than a decade of facilitation and over two decades of Transformational studies and practice she is well equipped to hold you in your breath journey.
        Her intuitive touch supports your body in releasing blockages.
        Her conscious presence resonates assisting your highest vibration.
        Her awareness aids in your sense of safety to be courageous.

        To find out more about Senaja visit