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        Breathworks with Senaja at Spanda December 23, 2022

        Breathworks with Senaja

        Uniting with your heart is a 2hr immersion into breathworks with Senaja, learning the conscious connected breath practice.
        Sunrise Series vinyasa teachers September 18, 2020


        Our Sunrise Series vinyasa classes are offered 3 times per week - Mon, Wed & Fri at 6.15am. Attend any class individually at normal studio prices or as part of a membership - or - buy a Sunrise Series Pass: $119 for 12 Sunrise classes in a month. Join our next challenge in September for a chance to WIN!
        private yoga and ceremony altar in the yoga studio August 23, 2023


        Give your guests an incredible experience they will never forget, whether it is for your friends, family or your team. At Spanda we are well known for creating safe, relaxing and sacred spaces that foster connection and presence. Join us in studio, or we can visit you at home for private ceremonies and yoga events, to connect with your loved ones in a more meaningful way.
        Corporate yoga and meditation classes at Spanda Yoga School August 23, 2023


        Our tailored Corporate Yoga Classes and Events will elevate your team's well-being while fostering a stronger sense of unity and purpose.
        sunsets over the ocean with patterned clouds March 26, 2023

        1 Day Silent Retreats

        1 Day Silent Retreat in Fremantle to detox your mind and experience bliss in your body on this carefully crafted, transformational mini silent retreat.
        Women's Nude Yoga Fremantle August 8, 2023

        Women’s Nude Yoga Circle

        Women's Nude Yoga Circle - Fremantle. Feel safe in your skin and embrace Nature's Beauty: Transform, Connect, and Liberate. Nudity is optional.
        Ava and Anaid with Mandala - Yin & Cacao Ceremony in Fremantle January 16, 2020

        Yin & Cacao Ceremony

        Wrap yourself in a cocoon of presence and quiet as you journey inward in a loving space. Experience Yin & Cacao with Ava & Anaid at Spanda in South Fremantle.
        Tummy time - a digestive workshop with Cottesloe Chiropractic June 18, 2023

        Special Events with Cottesloe Chiropractic

        Stress Less is a workshop all about finding optimal health in collaboration with Cottesloe Chiropractic - learn how spine health, nutrition, massage and yoga all support a stress reduced life!
        Climate Circles with Stephy at Spanda September 29, 2023

        Climate Circles

        Climate Circles offer a unique opportunity to nurture your meditation practice + expand your environmental consciousness with a new theme each bi monthly catch up.
        Yin and Yoga Nidra Fremantle June 20, 2022

        Yin and Yoga Nidra with Harmony

        Yin & Yoga Nidra are the perfect combination for deep relaxation. Yin postures encourage nervous system deregulation followed by the deep meditative rest of yogic sleep, with Yoga Nidra