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        Updated 15 May 2022

        This page will be updated first to describe any changes to operations due to Covid related interruptions.

        Current regulations affecting Spanda School

        1. Masks are no longer required, but recommended if you feel more comfortable to do so.
        2. Proof of Vaccination is no longer required to attend classes in the Studio
        3. Teachers are still required to comply with the vaccination mandates providing an ‘acceptable form of proof’ in order to teach a class at the Studio.

        Your responsibility
        Your responsibility is to maintain a personal resilience, and communicate with us regarding your questions and feedback. We are here to support you and to be supported as we navigate this circumstances.

        Practicing from home
        Cultivating a space for healing and intentionality at home is one of the greatest gifts the pandemic has offered us. Join us for a live-stream class. Get in touch to find out more about both free and paid options for home practice.

        See FAQ’s below.

        Update from Ava

        The perceived threats of the pandemic are real to each of us, but in different ways. This needs to be respected.

        I believe that I speak to many of you as a divided community. Yet, division, fear and feeling ungrounded is our common enemy.

        My main concern is to undermine what is causing us pain and destruction, in a society that we fear is spiralling downward.

        There are opportunities to bring more clarity and harmony in the ways we show up.

        It is a privilege for me that I have the space to do such work. Yet I feel the work is not privileged. Each of us can and need to reorganise the dysfunctional patterns that limit our capacity to respond healthily and optimally to difficult times.

        In Spanda, in myself and in the teachers, you will find a community that welcomes you into the “home-feeling”, centeredness and peace; the one essentiality we are all fighting for.

        For more support on navigating the divisive narratives we are faced with at this time, tune into Functional Spirituality episodes on the pandemic here.


        Can I come to the studio if I feel unwell?

        What hygiene measures do we have in place?

        Do you keep a contact register?

        What support is in place for the Spanda and wider community?

        Do you practice social distancing?

        Can I still borrow equipment?

        Do we need to wear masks during the practice?


        Stay home if you have a cough, the flu or feel unwell. One of the first signs of Covid can be a very bad headache or a scratchy throat.

        Consider taking a RAT if you have any symptoms.

        If you must cough or sneeze in class, please cover your mouth with a tissue or your arm and cough/sneeze into your bent elbow.


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