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        The Functional Spirituality Retreat

        A one-of-a-kind 6 month virtual retreat combining the benefits of group healing
        with a tailored spiritual practice

        You need to increase peace and presence in daily living more than ever.

        In the name of Spirituality, people are in pain

        The spiritual path is filled with pitfalls and challenges.

        We easily get trapped by unconscious patterns and our struggle for results. 

        We get disheartened by irrelevant dogmas that reinforce trauma.

        Rarely do we find a community that is committed to a functional approach to healing, expression and Self-realization.

        Rarely do we find a teacher who is invested in our success.

        Rarely do we find a path that has been handcrafted to nurture our individual journey and that values the uniqueness of our path.

        Yet, anything less than this exacerbates the same fragmentation we wish to heal.

        Deep down, we seek care, loving-community and a functional approach.



        Deep down, we seek a complete system that emphasizes peace and
        contentment in daily living.


        The Functional Spirituality Retreat

        This 6 month online retreat is the first of its kind.

        Prepare to:
        ✔ Get rid of what isn’t serving you,
        ✔ Cultivate habits that elevate you,
        ✔ Integrate the strength of your spirit for more stability, joy and clarity.

        Our habits lead to our actions which create our circumstances.
        But it can be difficult to set up the numerous new habits that we know are important.

        How long does it take to build habits for stability and peace in daily living?

        It’s not instant but luckily it’s simple. 

        Over 6 months, with right effort, coaching, intention, love and education, you can succeed. 

        It all starts with your thoughts. 

        In the Functional Spirituality Lifestyle Retreat, you will cultivate simple habits that keep you present, patient and loving in your daily life. With a customised schedule, we include the diet, yoga, meditation, dance, study, creative work, fitness and other activities to set up patterns that optimise your daily life experience. 

        Inside the Retreat

        After filling out your questionnaire, Ava will tailor a 28 day schedule that gives you a birds-eye view of your week, your priorities and what you can realistically achieve. 

        With The Functional Spirituality Planner, you get clarity and control over your time, your life, your moods and your goals!

        Based on your individual needs we will work out a yoga, meditation and study program that fits effortlessly (seriously!) into your week.

        Daily accountability ensures you are on track and cared for, every day.

        Group relating practices, guest workshops and weekly live teachings transform your mindset.

        And 1:1 accountability each month ensures your program effective, relevant and meaningful.

        Some questions for you…

        Do you have a daily practice that feels complete and consistent, yet fresh? 

        Do you yearn to flow with your own Truth, 

        but also have guidance, discipline and a team of support caring for you?

        Has anyone ever asked you what is meaningful for you?

        If you answered ‘No’ to any of the above read on…

        Spiritual practice in modern life is more relevant than ever. 

        In this program, we work with the 3 part spiritual method that has been developing through Spanda School for the past 4 years.

         The result? Deep spiritual realization for the modern day practitioner.

        Join The Functional Spirituality Retreat

        Monthly x 6 payments $470/ month

        1 off payment $2650



        Rarely does a teacher slow it all down and point out that what we are really looking for is deep rest, loving relating and a connection to peace and the truth of our Being in daily life. 

        I have attended two 4 day silent retreats with Ava. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every peaceful moment. The location was stunning, cosy and uplifting. The food absolutely mouthwatering and nurturing. But Ava’s guidance and spiritual wisdom is what made a significantly transformational impact on my experience. I returned home feeling freshly rejuvenated and inspired. I am forever grateful for these experiences and for Ava’s calm confidence and loving energy. Please do not hesitate to experience it for yourself if you too feel called.

        - Beau Wilson

        I recently completed the Meditation Teacher Training at Spanda and cannot recommend it more highly to anyone wishing to undertake such training.

        I had travelled to India 12 months prior seeking traditional knowledge of meditation and yoga... little did I know that such an amazing yoga school was on my doorstep in Perth!! I finished the course with a thorough understanding of meditation in its traditional sense, and with a thorough understanding and confidence on how to effectively guide individuals into meditation.

        I give my thanks to Ava for creating such a course & sharing her knowledge with the community. Ava is a truly amazing teacher who is genuine in heart and truthful in integrity - and Spanda Yoga School is a reflection of this.

        Spanda is the most grounded and authentic yoga school I have attended in Perth and it's beautiful community of heart centred members is a testament to this. We are very blessed to have Spanda and such authentic teachings available to us.

        Love, light & happiness to all.

        - Aahana Wellness

        Ava Irani

        Ava first came into contact with physical asana and became an avid practitioner in 2008, while studying philosophy at USYD.  She started attending long form spiritual retreat in 2011 in Australia, Thailand and India. After over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training and countless retreats and study programs, she began guiding silent retreat in Australia and abroad in 2015. In 2016 she opened her studio Spanda School in South Fremantle, and since has taken 100’s of meditators into the deep silence and truth of the Heart, in both intensive and long form study retreats. In 2020, she has launched her new program and podcast called “Functional Spirituality”, aimed at integrating profound yogic experience into daily living. She lives in Hamilton Hill near Fremantle with her Fiancé Jarred of Kommunity Brew, and their pet Honey. Ava brings a grounded approach to deep spiritual practice so students can find meaningful change quickly.

        Kathryn Grace

        Kathryn is a multi-passionate heart worker. Bringing together her experience as a soft tissue and mental health occupational therapist, integrative well-being coach and yoga and meditation teacher. Kathryn is committed to supporting you in feeling grounded and heart centred, in stepping out of the noise and chaos and into a place of clarity, purpose and intention – into the warm embrace of your own being.

        Join The Functional Spirituality Retreat

        Monthly x 6 payments $470/ month

        1 off payment $2650




        How does it work?

        What is the first month intensive?

        What is included?

        How can I purchase?

        Can I attend this program at another time?


        After filling out your application form, you will be scheduled into your first consultation with Ava and Kathryn. After going through your goals, obstacles and deconstructing your lifestyle and thought patterns, you will receive your 1st month schedule.

        Peace, strength, satisfaction and deep love are a part of the human experience. However, to grow these takes a spiritual practice.

        Functional Spirituality is a clear, concise system of spiritual practice, that finally gives room and loving presence to your individual experience. Best of all it offers support and structure around how to grow in Self-realization.

        Join The Functional Spirituality Retreat

        Monthly x 6 payments $470/ month

        1 off payment $2650