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        Functional Spirituality

        Functional Spirituality is a bespoke offering from Ava Irani that organises a clear and concise system of spiritual practice. Born out of over a decade of devout spiritual practice, and enduring countless pitfalls along the way, Ava has organised a curriculum of deconditioning, cultivating and awakening that she delivers through silent retreats and her online 12 month program.

        Along with an incredible community of authentic practitioners, the Functional Spirituality containers offer a space for simple yet profound mystical practices. Students enjoy a deep transformation that changes the way they function in daily life.

        Functional Spirituality gives room for individual experience, with the structure to grow in Self-realisation.

        Free 5 Day Meditation Workshop

        Relating to life can be difficult. Meditation offers us the tools of presence, acceptance and insight that allow us to serve the highest good in our daily life.

        Its rare to have all the pieces from nervous system to infinite consciousness organised for you to learn in one place: This workshop with Ava offers a functional approach to meditation.

        Learn: ・How to cement a meditation practice you love ・How meditation works to detox stress and cultivate peace ・How to regulate the nervous system ・How to connect to stability and ground naturally ・Simple tools that feel great to practice ・Techniques that bring a transformation to your emotions and body


        Join the Functional Spirituality Group and enjoy this free resource for meditators and yogis to connect to and enjoy likeminded community.

        In this group you will have access to a FREE weekly guided meditation with Ava every Monday morning 7am Perth time. Meditation can offer us a connection to the sweetness of life at the most fundamental level, in our own being through the Heart.