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        Longform is a 90 minute educational, fundamental vinyasa practice that will intentionally and safely open, warm and prepare the body for postures in different planes of movement.

         The longer class format will provide adequate time to safely warm and cool down the body, and time for discussion and integration as we move slowly and kindly into new physical experiences.


        The Series will focus in pairs:

        Hips & Spine Duo (extension & flexion):

        Session 1: Frontline Opening & Strengthening FULL

        Session 2: Backline Opening & Strengthening FULL

        Shoulders & Arms Duo (hands to floor shapes):

        Session 3: Wrists, Hands & Shoulder girdle stability FULL

        Session 4:  Safe pathways to twists, binds & balances FULL



        ✓ intelligent and functional sequencing

        ✓ prop use

        ✓ mindfulness

        ✓ storytelling

        ✓ community connection

        ✓ music and laughter


        WHO IS THIS FOR?

        This workshop will be eye opening for all – from absolute beginners through to those who have been practicing for years.

        The challenges in this workshop can be modified to any level.

        Diversity in ability and bodies is encouraged.

        This is an opportunity not to learn about advanced yoga or advanced asana, but to learn more about your body in the context of yoga and movement and you will take away valuable skills that you can use in your daily practice.

        Eve believes that asana is beautiful tool for self awareness, self expression, self acceptance, somatic release and deeper connection and understanding.



        $40 each event or

        $120 for the full series of 4 – Early Bird (ends 22nd January)

        Spanda Member discount applies

        *Eve is passionate about ensuring Yoga is accessible to all.  Scholarship places are available – email Kate at spandayogaschool@gmail.com if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or you are on a low income/pension and would benefit from a discount to attend this series.


        DAY & TIME
        Session 1: 22nd January – Sunday 9:30am – 11:15am  FULL
        Session 2: 29th January – Sunday 9:30am – 11:15am FULL
        Session 3: 5th February – Sunday 9:30am – 11:15am FULL
        Session 4: 12th February – Sunday 9:30am – 11:15am FULL

        Who is Facilitating?

        Who is Eve?

        A bit about Eve

        Started practicing: September 2010
        Started teaching: May 2016
        Joined Spanda: 2022 June

        Favorite yoga posture: Wide legged forward fold

        Favorite quote: It's not really a quote or poem but it's a passage from Ursula Le Guin called 'Being Taken for Granite'.

        My pets: I have a kelpie x border collie adopted dog called Olive who has anxiety and OCD. She's 7 and she's so pretty that everyone stops me in the street to tell me how pretty she is and I wholeheartedly agree.

        Highlighted Trainings:
        Yogaworx 500hr Advanced Vinyasa and Subtle Body training,
        Les Leventhal Advanced Vinyasa Training,
        Yoga and Modern Psychology training at the School for Yoga Psychology,
        Learn to Meditate course with Kylie Pearsallm
        Vital Beat Yoga's Vedic Philosophy and Sanskrit workshops

        The biggest gift our yoga practice affords us is: Respite

        The highlight of my yoga teaching career: Every single day I get to teach is the highlight of my career

        The highlight of my yoga practice is: the moment of stillness and inner harmony I find in each posture

        My regular/daily yoga practice benefits me by: allowing me to feel deeply.