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        Expect a welcoming space with tea and all props provided for a comforting experience.

        A 2 hour personal journey of relaxation and inner-knowledge using Yin, Sound and Goal-setting.

        ♥  Yin is a restorative, somatic therapy that will help to release tension that has built up in your nervous system

        ♥  Sound will bring delight and deep rest through a variety of healing tones and instruments

        ♥  Goal setting after deep relaxation and centeredness, using prompts to connect to essential needs.


        WHAT TO BRING?

        ✓ Journal (paper) and a Pen

        ✓ Comfortable clothes

        ✓ Anything else you like with you during meditation



        $49 – Early Bird (ends 21st June)

        $69 – Full Price

        Spanda Member discount applies when booking through Mindbody



        DAY & TIME
        Saturday, 1st July 2023
        11.30am – 1.30pm

        Spanda Yoga School

        About the Facilitators

        About Shanan

        About Ava

        About Shanan

        Started practicing yoga: 1999
        Started teaching yoga: early 2020
        Joined Spanda: around 2017

        Favorite quote/poem:
        I really don't have a favourite, just when the words and the meaning, connect, open, softens my heart.

        The biggest gift our yoga practice offers us is...
        space and time to rest inward, meditate

        The highlight of my yoga teaching career was when...
        I feel I have helped, provided space for Yogis to explore their mind, body, and to feel a little more centered, restful after the practice.

        The highlight of my yoga practice is...
        Ohh, I'm not sure, maybe the part that yoga and meditation practice had helped me go through ups and downs in life in a graceful way, with acceptance.

        My regular/daily yoga practice benefits me by...
        helping me recharge, refresh, recentre. And of course, feel good from inside and out, physically and mentally.