About us

We all long to answer one question:
Why we are here?

Without knowing who we are and how we fit into the
universe, all of life feels like its missing something…
And a thread of longing lingers through our experience.

The yogic traditions of India & Tibet have spent thousands
of years studying the mysteries of the universe.
Through yoga, ritual & meditation practices, they’ve
developed an incredible system which can help us reveal the Truth.

The yogis say that the knowledge we seek is actually very
close to us, its important, and about time we started looking
inward through meditation to discover the Truth of the universe.

We are those yogis!

At Spanda School, our teachers (and students) have experienced
a life filled with ‘worldly achievements’ but also flooded with low
energy, no meaning, relationship conflicts, frustrations, confusion
and despair. We’ve each found our way back to balance over
decades of study, yoga & meditation, refining our knowledge
and experience along the way.

We help curious seekers reveal wisdom and peace
inside themselves through philosophy, yoga & meditation.

We’re renowned for our beautiful yoga space, silent retreats,
unbelievable cool community of folk (ages 7- 83, male & female)
and ridiculously qualified, wise & lovely teachers.

Just reach out.

And we’ll reach back.
We have tons of free and by-donation sessions every week, as well as
daily yoga classes, weekly workshops, events and retreats.
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