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        Seasonal 1 day retreat

        1 day Seasonal Retreats

        The team are collaborating to bring you 4 seasonal retreats (5hrs) during which you will be guided educationally and experientially through nourishing foods, activities and reflections in preparation for the season ahead. Each retreat will have a seasonally appropriate focus and will vary in offerings/teachers such as: yoga, meditation, massage, dietetics, Cacao, Ayurveda, creative writing & drawing and sound. All will include lunch.
        Yin sound and goal setting fremantle

        Yin, Sound & Goal setting – Mid Year 2hr mini-retreat

        In this 2 hour mini-retreat of yin, sound and goal setting you will relax your body and mind, ready to clarify your needs for next half of the year (and new financial year!).

        Breathworks with Senaja

        Returning home to presence is a 2hr immersion into breathworks with Senaja, learning the conscious connected breath practice.
        Sunrise Series vinyasa teachers


        Our Sunrise Series vinyasa classes are offered 3 times per week - Mon, Wed & Fri at 6.15am. Attend any class individually at normal studio prices or as part of a membership - or - buy a Sunrise Series Pass: $99 for 12 Sunrise classes in a month. Join our next challenge in May for a chance to WIN!
        1 Day silent retreat, fremantle studio

        1 Day Silent Retreats

        1 Day Silent Retreat in Fremantle to detox your mind and experience bliss in your body on this carefully crafted, transformational mini silent retreat.
        Ava and Anaid with Mandala - Yin & Cacao Ceremony in Fremantle

        Yin & Cacao Ceremony

        Wrap yourself in a cocoon of presence and quiet as you journey inward in a loving space. Experience Yin & Cacao with Ava & Anaid at Spanda in South Fremantle.
        Yin and Yoga Nidra Fremantle

        Yin and Yoga Nidra with Harmony

        Yin & Yoga Nidra are the perfect combination for deep relaxation. Yin postures encourage nervous system deregulation followed by the deep meditative rest of yogic sleep, with Yoga Nidra
        Sound healing bowls

        Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

        Join us once a month for a deeper, more restorative yin yoga class accompanied with nurturing sound. Alternating each month between Laura & Lauren and then Shanan and daughter Pinn, these yin and sound sessions will be unique in their offering but the same in their benefits!
        Myofascial Release workshop & Yin Yoga South Fremantle

        2hr Myofascial Release & Yin – Seasonal Immersions

        Join Laura for a seasonal two hour yin & myofascial release immersion where you will learn how to effectively use Yin postures, trigger balls and other props to release tension.