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        The Studio

        This peaceful & welcoming sanctuary in beachside South Freo is the perfect location to start exploring the more rare aspect of spiritual practice, yoga & meditation.

        You may find a competitive atmosphere in most yoga classes, to varying degrees. At Spanda School we embrace the potency of what is possible with a functional, trauma-informed and meditative practice.

        At Spanda School the focus refreshing & eye-opening. Through our daily drop-in sessions and longer programs, we prepare to integrate the fullness of our life experience, in body, mind and spirit.


        Our Pièce de résistance is the relaxed and welcoming community. 

        We believe that connection to community is hardwired into our biology.
        Just as air is essential to our lungs, amazing friends & meaningful relationships are essential to our heart and our soul.

        Feeling welcome and at ease helps to facilitate deep healing in our yoga practice. Safety triggers an embodied presence that connects us to what is here and meaningful to us, allowing us to process what’s needed, often without conscious effort.


        Our Beliefs

        We believe that life is a journey to discover our full potential.

        We believe that we are here to celebrate, to flourish, to integrate profound wisdom of “Being”, and to heal.

        We believe that the human experience is beautiful; including all the hardships, we believe that life is inherently, profoundly beautiful. And everything is orchestrated perfectly to support us in our growth, flourishing and ultimately happiness.

        We believe that becoming sensitive to the wisdom of our Hearts, body, nature and community are the catalysts that make spiritual teachings & communities the medicine for this planet.


        Which classes are beginner friendly?

        Is there parking?

        What do I need to bring?

        How can I book in/pay?

        Where can I start learning meditation?

        Are children welcome to classes?

        Is there any support for people elderly people or people with disabilities?


        At Spanda School, we have highly experienced teachers who provide options for the different levels of flexibility, injury and fitness.

        We recommend Yin and Gentle classes for beginners as they are slower. This will support the connection to and awareness of your body that is required for the faster and strong practice: Vinyasa classes.


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