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        One-off Passes

        We offer all first timers an unlimited pass, which gives you access to 20+ weekly yoga, meditation and pilates sessions.

        Try one of our Introductory offers:

        10 days unlimited $49
        1 month challenge $109

        All our studio classes are also available online through Zoom, unless stated.

        Enjoy from the comfort of your own home, as apart of any pass, or our specific live-stream passes

        Visiting the studio for a short time?

        Our one-off passes can be purchased when booking a class via our timetable or on the MindBody App.

        Casual $24

        Sunrise series $119
        Weekly unlimited $79

        Monthly unlimited $179
        Ten class pack $225^



        HOW TO BOOK

        Results take commitment...

        Our membership passes are our cheapest and most flexible options;

        Perks, pauses and priced for your individual needs.

        Click the button below, contact us here or call the studio manager on

        0404 606 001 with any questions.



        Which classes are beginner friendly?

        Is there parking?

        What do I need to bring?

        How can I book in/pay?

        Where can I start learning meditation?

        Are children welcome to classes?

        Is there any support for people elderly people or people with disabilities?

        Short answer: Yin & Meditation or Gentle Hatha are great options for beginners.
        Vinyasa classes are more physically intensive and generally flow quicker between postures - so it's helpful to have a little familiarity with the poses before your come to a Vinyasa class.
        We offer a Beginners Yoga & Meditation Course specifically to introduce the physical and subtle elements of the practice.

        Long Answer: In each yoga class at Spanda our highly experienced teachers will provide options for the different levels of flexibility, injury and fitness.

        In general, yoga classes at Spanda are not aimed at acrobatics or contortionism. Rather, we aim for a mindfulness practice with a transformational element. This means that you can start at any level, and from that level you will move up!


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