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        February 9, 2022

        Bianca’s Top 10 Tips to Boost Immunity Naturally!

        Immune health is more than just vitamin C and fruit....your sleep, gut health, movement and emotional health are all essential components for a holistic approach. Our very own Bee (Bianca) shares her top 10 tips for easy, simple, powerful ways to boost your immune system this season. Bianca is a Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher who is obsessed with natural health. She believes there are three domains of health – body, mind, and soul – and all three need attention and nourishment for optimal and extraordinary health. You can catch her at Spanda Yoga School on Thursdays and Saturdays, or follow her on social media: FB and IG: @healthalchemy.au
        November 11, 2019

        Yoga Teacher Training: Demystified

        Become a yoga teacher – what does that mean? Yoga is an interesting cultural phenomenon. It nestles many a border: between hard science & faith mysticism, autonomy & dogma, maturity & insanity, sexuality & celibacy. It includes everything, and its specific. Its a context and a history, as well as a booming modern industry. And, as in many other cases, the general public is widely uneducated and misled in regards to what the forces are that shape this industry.
        February 3, 2020

        Ava’s Story

        "Far beyond a yoga ‘studio’, I was interested in creating a space where community could grow together and to enjoy deep spiritual experiences. But the most important thing was that the growth was at home. You don’t have to leave your job, friends and family to have a deep spiritual experience on some island after hours of flights and travels, or live illegally outside of your home country. Spanda School is in the city, where you live, where you relate, where you dream, where you think. If you can realise the depth of your Being, your infinite potential and open your heart at home, you’ve immediately made your practice relevant, embodied and integrated..."