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        Why You Should Practice Yoga in the Morning

        1. Fire up your digestive system and boost your metabolism.
        2. Improve your overall fitness by toning up and increasing flexibility.
        3. Wake up your brain and bring more focus and energy to your day.
        4. Fire up your heart and lungs giving you more energy.
        5. Reduce your reliance on morning caffeine!
        6. Adjust your biological clock and get better sleep.
        7. Work out any pains from the night and bring ease into your day.
        8. Share your morning with like minded people.
        9. Shake off any remaining stagnant energy from the night before.
        10. It’s just an awesome way to start your day!




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        Each month, the series is valid for classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 615am - 715am.

        To be part of the October Challenge and in the running to win a month of unlimited yoga for FREE, begin the series on Monday, 3rd October.