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        Unique Forest Retreats

        Immerse yourself in healing nature and discover the profound stillness of your Being.

        Our well-known Silent Retreats are a unique blend of non-dual meditation, relaxing movement, and nervous system healing in a relaxed and friendly container.

        We take 100 students each year from around the country and abroad through this life-changing experience.

        Interested in a Silent Retreat?

        Immerse yourself in nature with us.

        Select from the dates below for all details incl. pricing:



        7 Day Semi- Silent Retreat  | Sacred Valley, Peru

        AUG 25th- 31st, 2024 (LAST SPOTS)


        1 Day Silent Retreat | Spanda, Fremantle, WA

        SEPT – Sun 29th, 2024


        3 Day Silent Retreat | Deconditioning | Shambala, Margaret River, WA

        OCT – Fri 11th – Mon 14th, 2024

        NOV – Fri 8th – Mon 11th, 2024


        7 Day Silent Retreat | The Cove, Denmark, WA

        DEC – Sat 14th – Sat 21st, 2024



        1 Day Silent Retreat | Shala, Margaret River, WA

        JAN – Sun 19th, 2025


        1 Day Silent Retreat | Spanda, Fremantle, WA

        FEB – Sun 9th, 2025


        3 Day Silent Retreat | Deconditioning | Shambala, Margaret River, WA

        MAR – Fri 7th – Mon 10th, 2025

        APR – Fri 4th – Mon 7th, 2025



        Who Can Attend?

        What Is Included?

        Retreat Venue

        What will I receive?

        This retreat is suitable for beginners and advanced meditators alike. Everyone benefits from yoga, meditation, silence and nature. The yoga practice is all levels, to facilitate rejuvenation and wellbeing rather than performing gymnastic poses.
        Please fill out the application form to get a better feel of the retreat and for us to gauge any unique requirements you might have and help you decide which retreat would be best.

        Shambala meeting house for silent retreat

        Silence gives us space. The nervous system unravels, without any effort, and we connect to our natural state of being.

        Choosing your retreat

        Our short retreats come in two formats: Deconditioning or Awakening The 7 day retreat covers both.

        3-day Deconditioning retreats are designed for beginners and advanced meditators alike. The focus is on rest and repair of the nervous system. We cover awakening topics and meditations, however the emphasis is on healing mind and body systems. Expect shorter meditation periods (10-20 minutes) with more guidance.

        4-day Awakening retreats are designed for advanced meditators. Healing, rest and repair of the nervous system are always a part of retreats. However in these retreats, time is spent in longer meditations. We request that you have completed one retreat previously with Spanda to join the Awakening retreat.

        Deconditioning: More rest and guided meditations

        Awakening: More stillness

        Denmark silent retreat - the cove early sunrise

        Not sure what to expect or if retreat is right for you?

        Listen to this audio: Should I go on a Silent Retreat?

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