Fremantle Yoga Timetable

Enjoy the lifestyle of the Heart.

Yoga provides the space for health, harmony and a deep spiritual enquiry into the nature of existence.

All equipment provided, no bookings required for classes.

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Class Descriptions



Beginner friendly. Every Hatha class is tailored to suit the needs of the group. On a physical level, the muscles, joints, and organs are targeted. Traditional yoga asanas are used to heal, strengthen and energise the body in a truly magical way. A hatha yoga practice goes far beyond the physical body, incorporating the original and powerful intentions of the yoga practice. A meditation with movement, the chakras are discussed and energised, as well as a connection to the witness consciousness, or the ‘seer’ is addressed. Ava draws on her training in Hridaya Yoga: the yoga of the Spiritual heart for an inspiring and invigorating yoga practice.

Yin Yoga

Beginner friendly. Yin Yoga is a gentle nurturing class with long, restorative poses targeting the connective tissues and meridians. Props are used to support deep muscle relaxation with a focus on body awareness, mindfulness, self-love and acceptance. Classes may incorporate meditation and pranayama (breathing) practices. Suitable for all levels, ages and backgrounds. Our Yin teachers provide a regenerative and meditative class.

۵ Yin Yoga replenishes the yin tissue called fascia.
۵ Fascia pervades every inch of the body, holding muscles, organs, joints and cells in place and nourishing them.
۵ The fascial tissue is actually a network of water.
۵ Water stores energy, beneficial and harmful, and this tissue can become sticky, gloopy (technical term) and tight.
۵ We need to practice Yin everyday, whether its yoga, movement, breathe or meditation to release the build up of physical, energetic & emotional toxins.
۵ When we refresh and balance our bodies, minds and energies, we become flexible and open.
۵ We are able to approach circumstances with clarity, joy and effectiveness.

L2 Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a beautiful opportunity to slow down and turn our focus inwards to become more present to the effects & echoes of each yoga posture. As we become more familiar with each pose there is an opportunity to shift focus away from the physical body and to the more subtle sensations. Our L2 classes encourage you to look towards these more subtle experiences. While the class offers the same safe container for self enquiry as our L1 classes there is more space and support for you to dive deeper in your own experience through silent contemplation.
What you can expect
~ Guidance in and out of the posture with less verbal queues than our L1 yin classes.
~ Longer holds to encourage full release of physical and psychological tension
~ One to one support as needed
~ Hands on healing where appropriate (you will always be given the option to receive this or not)
~ Inspiration and philosophy drawn from Advaita Vedanta, Sufism and Tantra
Who is this class for
Anyone with some experience with yoga already or who feels comfortable exploring their own practice with a focus on silence and stillness. With the body perfectly prepared for meditation each class will also conclude with a meditation on the Spiritual Heart, an invitation to connect with the very centre of your being and offering insights into life, Truth, existence and Being.


Vinyasa Flow works at aligning mind, body and spirit through uniting breath, movement, music and stillness. The classes aim to restore physical, emotional and mental well-being and nurture a sense of self-acceptance and self-love through flowing sequences, meditation and pranayama exercises. It is suitable for all skill levels, all ages and all backgrounds.

Free Meditation Space

Free – Our dedicated and experienced teachers guide you through the Hridaya meditation system, the yoga of the Spiritual Heart which points towards the revelation of our true nature: the Consciousness of Oneness.
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All GREEN events

All events in green on the timetable are not included in the monthly class passes and are a variety of courses, workshops, retreats and special events that require separate booking and/or payment. You can read more about them from the events tabs at the top of the website.

Meditation Class

Drop in or block sessions available.
A space to be inspired, relax, destress and connect to the inner peace inherent within you.
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Bookings & Payment

Attend your class 15 minutes early with cash or card.
All equipment provided.
Events require prior booking.

New Student Offers

$25 for one week unlimited class pass
$59 for one month unlimited class pass


。  Casual class: $20

。10 class pass (3 month term): $175

。1 week unlimited: $45
。1 month unlimited: $160
(10% Concessions for students & pensioners)

。6 months unlimited*: $750
。12 months unlimited*: $1400
*Please choose carefully with all unlimited & class passes as there are no refunds or suspensions
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Unlimited Classes Direct Debit: $32.50/week

Experience the benefits of a FULL yogi lifestyle at our Fremantle yoga studio.
On the direct debit pass, you will not have to worry about paying for yoga classes. You will get to enjoy relaxing, healing, and strengthening classes. Most importantly, your connection to inner stillness will deepen every single week, with your growing community of yogi friends to support you.

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*It includes the following extra perks:

  • Bring one friend for free to a class per month for their first time at Spanda
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