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        Our Beliefs

        We believe that life is a journey to discover our full potential.

        We believe that we are here to celebrate, to flourish and also to integrate profound wisdom, and heal.

        We believe that the human experience is beautiful; including all the hardships, we believe that life is inherently, incredibly beautiful. And everything is orchestrated perfectly to support us in our growth, flourishing and ultimately happiness.

        What makes Spanda unique is that although we provide all of these essential ingredients, we emphasis even more each individuals development of listening to the Heart. The sensitivity to the wisdom of our Hearts, intuition, body wisdom, silence and courage are the catalysts that make spiritual teachings & communities the medicine for this planet.


        Our Values




        We believe we need to live in harmony with the earth.
        That the naturalness of our Being is reflecting in our environment in the most potent form through nature.
        We believe that we need to take space and retreat from the mind, in order to really feel the air, the earth, and the sun.
        And that when we connect to nature, to air, to earth, to sun, satisfies our soul deeply.