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        Yoga Teacher Training Demystified

        Become a yoga teacher – what does that mean? Yoga is an interesting cultural phenomenon. It nestles many a border: between hard science & faith mysticism, autonomy & dogma, maturity & insanity, sexuality & celibacy. It includes everything, and its specific. Its a context and a history, as well as a booming modern industry. And, as in many other cases, the general public is widely uneducated and misled in regards to what the forces are that shape this industry.
        Foundations of Yoga - Beginners Course, Fremantle

        Foundations of Yoga – 4 week Beginners Course

        Foundations of Yoga is a 4 week beginners course covering the essentials to feel confident stepping into any Yoga class. Learn in a relaxed and friendly space to practice the foundations of Yoga and Meditation!