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        April 2023

        7 Day Silent Retreat reflections

        Some people might baulk at the idea of 7 days in silence. But in March, ten of us joined Ava at The Cove for a blissful week of inward connection, nature and nourishment.

        Many were inspired to write poetry, felt the safety to be vulnerable and shed tears of unexpressed grief, and challenged to face some of the ever present thought patterns ruling our lives. Some of these things take time to come to the surface, to brew and bubble up… this is the gift of a 7 day Silent Retreat… the time to allow things to arise.

        For me, 7 days could easily have been extended… what’s not to love about the magic and healing power of nature, being cared for and fed 3 delicious home cooked meals daily, practicing yoga & meditation, being disconnected from tech and responsibilities and most of all, connecting to stillness and the present moment?

        Each morning I found my way to the inlet to witness the aliveness that daybreak brings…where the photo above was taken and these words written:

        Breathe in – there is nothing more to do.
        Breathe out – I am enough, in this moment
        and in this moment too.
        Breathe in – Who am I?
        Don’t think it, just let it arise.
        Breathe out – I am the air I breathe, the wind in the trees, the sunshine falling on golden leaves…
        Breathe in – I am the sound of wings beating the sky,
        the echo of an infant’s cry…
        Breathe out – I am the joy that emanates from my heart,
        at the magnificence of dawn as the days restart
        Breathe in – I am within all life and it is within me,
        in each pause between breaths I connect – and am free
        Breathe out – Just for a moment as my thoughts quieten down,
        I feel the connection to all and it’s quite profound…
        Breathe in – I am presence, stillness and love,
        why spend all this time thinking I’m not enough?
        Pause – it takes silence and nature to enable deep rest,
        to realise I am pure awareness.

        ❤ ॐ

        With love and presence – Kate & the Spanda Team



        Awakening Retreat: April 14th – 18th
        There is an opportunity to go deeper into non-dual/Being oriented techniques in an “Awakening” silent retreat.

        To learn more about this practice:
        Listen here: Should I go on Silent Retreat?
        Or visit: 4 Day Silent Awakening Retreat

        Members FREE event
        40 of our members and staff enjoyed one of two free events in March – Yin & Massage with Ava, Nea and Marta, and Yin & Sound with Ava and Shanan.

        Invites to our quarterly free Members events are one of the wonderful Perks of joining Spanda on a membership option – we have: rolling monthly, 6mthly or 12mthly for either 5 classes, 8 classes or unlimited classes each month. Reach out to Kate if you are not yet a member and feeling a little FOMO or read more here: Memberships😊✨

        April Holiday Timetable
        This month Easter falls early in April – Good Friday is the 7th and Easter Monday the 10th. Good News for those having a stay-cation, we are offering all classes as usual.

        Similarly, on Anzac Day – 25th April – all classes will run as usual.