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        January 2023

        Thoughts – from Kate

        As the sun sets on 2022
        it’s timely to reflect back before we look to the year ahead.
        For many of us it was a challenging year (mostly Covid related) but our team also experienced the Death of 4 beloved pets and 5 Grandma’s.
        So for us, 2022 was also a year of letting go and goodbyes. 😔

        January 2022
        The Manager baton was passed to me from Nea as she commenced studies and refocused on teaching and building a new home.

        Brought the enforcement of mandatory vaccinations and divided communities & families – including my own. But also saw the return of Park Yoga – Yay and Marta joined the team as our regular ‘cover girl’ quickly winning the love of our community.

        Commenced with Mahashivratri, Aurora moved onto her own business ventures, Harmony commenced her monthly Heart Circles and Laura teamed up with Lauren to create a new Yin & Sound bi-monthly offering.

        Borders reopen and travel into and out of WA recommence… so many teachers took a well earned break to see loved ones. Ava, myself and Anaid headed to Denmark for Silent Retreat – Bliss!

        Vaccination mandates ended and the community commenced the journey of reconnection. We held our first Sunrise Series for the year with 11 participants and 1 winner.

        Eve joined the team as we reintroduced Mat Pilates classes to our Thursday mornings bringing her incredible knowledge and quirky humour to the studio. My beloved puppy, Geoffrey passed at age 15.5yrs.

        We commenced monthly Heart Songs with Justin Bell and held two special Members Only Sound Healing events hosted by the calming Shanan and her talented daughters.

        Ava announced her pregnancy, our Book of Poetry & Quotes was published, Tina officially joined the team becoming our first ‘Jackette of all classes’ taking covers to a new level… and my beloved Grandma passed away at 96yrs of age.

        I headed North to Exmouth for holiday in the sun and our Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2022 cohort commenced.

        Saw a mammoth Sunrise Series with 16 participants and 10 winners! Our Functional Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2022 cohort commenced and we held our last Silent Retreat for the year in Denmark.

        Whizzed by as everyone prepared for December and all the end of year activities that come with it.

        Rounded out the year with our Members Christmas Event in the Park – unbelievable food, a fun quiz, a cheeky comedian and magic company… and then… the Special News!

        Christmas Day auspiciously saw the much anticipated Birth of beautiful baby Jasmine…in perfect health and cute as a button! ✨

        Congratulations and lots of Spanda love to Ava, Jarred, Jasmine (& Honey)! 🥳

        And now, we look forward to 2023!
        Brimming with the excitement and expectations that come with new beginnings, fresh starts, consistent Summer weather, holiday adventures, a special Spanda team member Wedding – Congratulations to Marta, Ian (& Finn) 🥳
        …and with all this, the hopes for a better year than the last.

        So whatever the new year brings… may the very best of 2022 be the least that 2023 has in store for you xx

         ❤ ॐ

        From our hearts to yours – Kate & the Spanda Team